Netflix’s Avatar live action has not only reimagined the beloved characters and world of the original animated series but also introduced a fresh perspective on the lineage of all Avatars preceding Aang.

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Netflix’s Avatar live action ending explained: What happened in episode 8 ‘Legends’?

The concept of the Avatar, an individual reincarnated over generations and mastering all four elements—water, earth, fire, and air— to maintain balance in the world, is central to the series.

Animation: Avatar - Aang with Momo
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While Aang, the last Airbender, is the protagonist of the story, the live action series also explores the long line of Avatars who came before him.

Here, ONE Esports explores the lineage of avatars as presented in the Netflix adaptation.

All avatars before Aang in Netflix’s live action

  1. Roku
  2. Kyoshi
  3. Kuruk
  4. Yangchen

1. Roku

Roku’s tenure as the Avatar was a time of great challenge, marked by his complex relationship with Fire Lord Sozin.

His efforts to prevent the outbreak of war and his ultimate failure serve as a poignant reminder of the Avatar’s burden.

Avatar Roku actor in Netflix's Avatar live action
Credit: Netflix, ONE Esports
Live action Avatar Roku: Who plays the Fire Nation Avatar?

Of all avatars before Aang, he appears to be the most chummy with his successor.

His relationship with Fire Lord Sozin provides Aang with valuable insights into the complexities of friendship and betrayal.

Roku’s story highlights the importance of making difficult decisions and the impact those decisions can have on the world’s balance.

2. Kyoshi

Avatar Kyoshi is renowned for her uncompromising stance on justice and for founding the Kyoshi Warriors. Her lifespan, extending over two centuries, makes her one of the longest-lived of all Avatars.

Avatar Kyoshi actress in Netflix's Avatar live action
Credit: Netflix, ONE Esports
Avatar Kyoshi in Avatar live action: Who’s the actress that plays this iconic character?

Kyoshi’s formidable presence in the series embodies the strength and determination required of the Avatar.

She teaches Aang the importance of justice and the strength to stand firm against adversity, inspiring confidence in his abilities to face challenges.

3. Kuruk

Kuruk initially adopted a laid-back approach to his role as the Avatar.

However, personal loss and the realization of the consequences of neglect led him to a path of redemption and a fierce battle against dark forces threatening the balance he had taken for granted.

Who is Avatar Kuruk in Netflix's Avatar live action?
Credit: Netflix, ONE Esports

Kuruk’s narrative focuses on the consequences of neglecting one’s duties as the Avatar. His regret over past inaction serves as a cautionary tale for Aang, emphasizing the need for vigilance and the proactive maintenance of balance in the world.

4. Yangchen

Yangchen is remembered for her dedication to maintaining balance and peace, often at great personal sacrifice. Her diplomacy and actions ensured a long period of peace that lasted well beyond her time.

In the Netflix version, Avatar Yangchen is mentioned in the very first episode. This happens when Gyatso tells Aang that he is the Avatar.

Avatar Yangchen monument in Avatar The Last Airbender Live Action
Credit: Netflix, ONE Esports
Who is Avatar Yangchen in Netflix’s Avatar live action?

Aang’s airbending tattoos, which he received at Yangchen’s shrine, show his link to this powerful Avatar who came before him. But unlike all avatars in this list, his relationship with Yangchen is unexplored — at least for now.

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