In October 2018, renowned American film producer Adi Shankar stirred excitement in gaming and anime communities by hinting at the possibility of a Devil May Cry anime.

The anticipation intensified a month later when it was officially announced that Shankar, known for his work on the highly acclaimed Castlevania series, would be adapting the iconic video game into an animated series for Netflix.

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However, details about the project remained mysterious for the next few years, keeping fans eagerly awaiting any information.

A significant update came in October 2021 when Alex Larson was named as a writer and development partner for the Devil May Cry anime. This news injected new energy into the fan base, signaling progress in the series’ production.

Devil May Cry anime update at Netflix’s Geeked Week in 2023

Dante in the Devil May Cry show's teaser trailer
Credit: Netflix, Studio Mir, Capcom

During Netflix’s Geeked Week 2023, fans were treated to an additional look at what promises to be a devilishly good adaptation of the beloved video game.

The event shed light on various aspects of the upcoming Devil May Cry anime, leaving fans hungry for more.

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At the helm of this project is Shankar, who is marking his return to Netflix after the success of Castlevania.

His animation studio, Shankar Animation, has joined forces with the renowned South Korean animation studio, Studio Mir, to bring the demon-slaying action of Devil May Cry to life on the small screen.

Dante in the Netflix Devil May Cry anime
Screenshot by Ron Muyot/ONE Esports

“Our goal wasn’t just to pump out another animated show. My goal is to make one of the best shows on the Netflix platform. Period,” Shankar stated during Geeked Week.

Netflix’s Devil May Cry anime will premiere in 2024. You can watch the full featurette here.

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