Get ready for Netflix’s action-adventure packed Devil May Cry anime, based on Capcom’s iconic video game franchise. 

Spearheaded by accomplished American series producer and showrunner Adi Shankar, best known for his work on the successful Castlevania series, this adaptation will bring the beloved Devil May Cry universe to life on the small screen.

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According to Shankar, the first season of Devil May Cry will consist of eight episodes. Fans of the game can expect a fresh perspective on the action-packed world of demon hunting and stylish combat.

One notable revelation in the lead-up to the series is the absence of Reuben Langdon, the longtime English voice actor for Dante, the series’ iconic protagonist.

What is the Devil May Cry anime?

Devil May Cry anime key image
Credit: Netflix, Studio Mir, Capcom

Capcom, in collaboration with Studio Mir, the creative minds behind the Dota: Dragon’s Blood series, will oversee the production and animation of Devil May Cry.

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Shankar has confirmed that he’ll deliver five seasons. He also teased an eagerly anticipated crossover with his previous project, Castlevania, which adds an extra layer of intrigue to the Devil May Cry multiverse.

What is the story of Devil May Cry?

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Devil May Cry, originally conceived by Hideki Kamiya, is a renowned action-adventure game franchise primarily developed and published by Capcom. The series revolves around Dante, a formidable demon hunter, and his relentless efforts to thwart various demon invasions targeting Earth. 

The gameplay is characterized by intense combat sequences, requiring players to chain together intricate attacks, evade enemies, and showcase stylized combos. Success in the game is measured by performance metrics that consider combat finesse, time management, and item usage.

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Across two decades, the Devil May Cry series has enthralled gamers with nine titles, each introducing new characters endowed with unique skills. With a rich history spanning 20 years, the franchise has become an iconic part of the gaming world.

Devil May Cry anime release date

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Currently, the official release date for the eagerly anticipated Devil May Cry Netflix series has not been announced.

(To be updated)

Devil May Cry characters

Devil May Cry 5 key image
Credit: Capcom USA
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The only character confirmed in the show so far is Dante, who debuted in the reveal trailer released on September 29, 2023.

(To be updated)

Devil May Cry anime trailer

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