The first trailer of Netflix’s Yu Yu Hakusho live action has just been released and fans of the classic manga and anime series can’t help but be excited.

The 1990 manga, originally adapted into an anime in 1992, holds a special place in the hearts of fans, often regarded as one of the best in the genre.

The trailer hints at the slick and dynamic supernatural battles that have been a trademark of the series.

Yu Yu Hakusho live action trailer

Yusuke and Botan in Netflix's Yu Yu Hakusho live action trailer
Screenshot by Ron Muyot/ONE Esports

The trailer provides a glimpse into the origin story of Yusuke Urameshi, a teenager who died while saving a child and was given a second chance as a Spirit Detective tasked with solving paranormal cases.

The opening scenes show Urameshi observing his own lifeless body as paramedics attempt to revive him, setting the tone for the supernatural elements that define the series.

The Toguro Brothers in Netflix's Yu Yu Hakusho live action trailer
Screenshot by Ron Muyot/ONE Esports

One of the highlights of the trailer is the introduction of the Toguro brothers, iconic characters from the “Dark Tournament” arc.

The live action adaptation brings these formidable foes to life, with the elder Toguro perched atop his younger brother’s shoulder. The visual portrayal of the Toguro brothers is both impressive and slightly unsettling, capturing their menacing presence.

Takumi Kitamura takes on the role of Yusuke Urameshi in the live action adaptation, bringing the beloved character to life. Joining him are Jun Shison as the fox demon Kurama, Kanata Hongo as the enigmatic Hiei, and Shuhei Uesugi as Kazuma Kuwabara. The casting choices have generated interest and curiosity among fans eager to see how the actors embody these iconic characters.

Banpresto Younger Toguro Figure
Credit: Banpresto
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Yu Yu Hakusho is part of Netflix’s ongoing efforts to adapt popular anime series into live action productions. Following the release of the new One Piece series earlier this year, Yu Yu Hakusho is set to continue the trend of bringing beloved anime worlds to a broader audience.

Yu Yu Hakusho live action is scheduled for release on December 14, 2023.

You can watch the full trailer here.

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