The official Chainsaw Man stage play cast was revealed today, and the list is causing a stir within the anime community.

Leading the cast is veteran actress Aya Hirano, most famous for her role as Misa Amane in Death Note and Lucy Heartfilia in Fairy Tail.

From 2010, she transitioned to television and stage acting where she got involved in well-known musicals like Les Misérables and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Her career has brought her full circle, for she’s now Makima in the Chainsaw Man stage play.

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Chainsaw Man stage play cast list
Credit: @CHAINSAWMAN_ST on Twitter

Denji is played by Naotake Tsuchiya, a singer from boy group AVEST that debuted two years ago. He previously starred in The Prince of Tennis musical and Paradox Live on stage.

Mizuki Umetsu takes on the role of Aki Hayakwa. He is a television actor who starred in Aitsu ga Jozu de Heta ga Boku de, an eight-episode drama series that aired on NTV in 2021.

Mahiru Coda is a singer and songwriter affiliated with Sony Music and Warner Music. In an interview with Fred Perry, she also described herself as a jazz pianist, fashionista, and influencer who enjoys Harajuku subculture and hip-hop music.

Himeno is played by Minami Tsukui, best known for her work on the Kamen Rider series.

Voice actress Shiori Izawa reprises her role as Poochita in the Chainsaw Man stage play cast.

Chainsaw Man stage play cast official poster
Credit: @CHAINSAWMAN_ST on Twitter
DenjiNaotake Tsuchiya
Aki HayakawaMizuki Umetsu
PowerMahiru Coda
MakimaAya Hirano
HimenoMinami Tsukui
Kobeni HigashiyamaHaruki Iwata
Hirokazu AraiAkira Kanegae
KishibeKenji Taniguchi
Chainsaw ManMasahide Tadashi
Yutaka Nakasone
Katana ManOreno Graffiti
Masashi Yoshioka
PoochitaShiori Izawa

Interestingly, two actors are cast to portray Chainsaw Man and Katana Man respectively, which makes us wonder how the fight scenes will play out theatrically.

The Chainsaw Man stage play will be performed in Tokyo and Kyoto from September to October 2023.

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