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James “Hamez” Santos has plenty of secrets of his own especially when it comes to ranking up in MOBA games. His demonstrated his expertise in the recently concluded Wild Rift Season 0, when he finished Grandmaster, the second-highest division in Wild Rift’s ranked system.

Flashback to late last year, when Team Secret revealed Hamez as the very first member of its professional Wild Rift team. Using a different IGN at the time, he hit the top of the Wild Rift rankings, reaching the number one spot for Gragas with a 2,608 rating, as well as for Blitzcrank with a 3,182 rating on Global users last year. Soon after, he was recruited by one of his friends who was under Team Secret.

If you’re a support player looking to sharpen your skills on Wild Rift, these three tips from Hamez will help you climb out of Iron to Grandmaster in no time.

1. Do not rely too much on the auto-aim button.

Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

I have played in the high ELO long enough to drop this important piece of advice: Do not depend too much on Wild Rift’s auto-aim button. The auto-aim feature makes skill-casting unpredictable, which can be pretty annoying especially if you are trying to initiate a clash or disengage from a teamfight.

You should already be comfortable with the manual aim because a lot of the high ELO players are good at dodging and the auto-aim mechanics won’t really work on them.

2. Guardian’s Vow for tanks, Ardent Censer for utility supports.

Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

If you’re playing tanky champions like Braum, Blitzcrank, or Alistar, a must-have item is Guardian’s Vow. It gives you extra shield, as well as cooldown reduction. Another option for tank supports is Zeke’s Convergence, which further builds up your champion’s tankiness with its additional armor and magic resistance.

Meanwhile, if you’re playing as a utility support, I would recommend Ardent Censer because with this item, you’d be able to give extra attack speed and additional magic damage to your allies whenever you give them shields or heals. It also gives more magic damage to your auto attacks.

3. Abuse the overpowered champions.

Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Since Wild Rift is still in its open beta phase and currently has a small champion pool, I’d say just abuse the OP champions every patch when you want to rank up.

I used to play tank supports during the early meta of Wild Rift because they were always the best ones to use for team fights and engaging. Now, a lot of the good utility support picks like Lulu have been unlocked and they’re really good to lane against the melee tank supports.

Right now, since Evelynn just got nerfed, I think Orianna is one of the OP champions in the mid lane. For AD carry, I would say Miss Fortune even if she got nerfed. Her kit when it comes to the laning phase is just too strong.

Additionally, you should have another account solely for testing out new champions so the rank on your main account remains unaffected even if you mess up.

Learn more from Hamez on his Facebook page.

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