Filipino fans, rejoice! The 2022 Valorant season is ready to begin in the Asia Pacific region with VCT Philippines Stage 1 Challengers.

Team Secret is the main headliner of the tournament after their impressive Valorant Champions 2021 performance, where they made it all the way to the playoffs. Joining them are the up-and-coming squads in the region including Bren Esports, Oasis Gaming, and South Built Esports.

What is the VCT Philippines Stage 1 Challengers?

G2 Esports versus Sentinels at VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin, Valorant, Riot Games
Credit: Riot Games

VCT Philippines Stage 1 Challengers is the first competition of the 2022 season, consisting of three phases — the open qualifiers, the group stage, and the playoffs.

All the best teams will be competing to qualify for the VCT APAC Stage 1 Challengers competition. The top three teams will advance and join other top-performing teams in the Asia-Pacific region for a chance to qualify for the first Masters event of the 2022 season.

Tournament schedule and results

Team Secret's witz and BORKUM at Valorant Champions 2021
Credit: Riot Games

Open Qualifiers

The open qualifiers took place from January 22 to 30, and the top six performing teams have advanced to the group stage.

NAOS Esports
Bren Esports
Looking For Org
Oasis Gaming
Action PH
South Built Esports

Group Stage


Group A

1stOasis Gaming4 — 2
2ndTeam Secret3 — 3
3rdAction PH3 — 3
4thBren Esports2 — 4

Group B

1stNAOS Esports5 — 1
2ndZeal Esports3 — 3
3rdSouth Built Esports2 — 4
4thLooking for Org2 — 4

February 10

Looking for Org0 — 2NAOS Esports
Zeal Esports2 — 0South Built Esports
Action PH2 — 1Bren Esports

February 11

Action PH2 — 1Oasis Gaming
South Built Esports1 — 2Looking for Org
Team Secret1 — 2Oasis Gaming

February 12

NAOS Esports2 — 0Zeal Esports
Bren Esports 2 — 0Team Secret
Zeal Esports2 — 0Looking for Org

February 13

Team Secret1 — 2Action PH
Bren Esports0 — 2Oasis Gaming
NAOS Esports2 — 0South Built Esports

February 17

NAOS Esports1 — 2Looking for Org
South Built Esports2 — 0Zeal Esports
Bren Esports2 — 1Action PH

February 18

Oasis Gaming1 — 2Team Secret
Looking for Org1 — 2South Built Esports
Action PH1 — 2Oasis Gaming

February 19

Zeal Esports0 — 2NAOS Esports
Team Secret2 — 1Bren Esports
Looking for Org2 — 0Zeal Esports

February 20

Action PH0 — 2Team Secret
Oasis Gaming2 — 0Bren Esports
South Built Esports0 — 2NAOS Esports

The group stage takes place from February 10 to 20, with the eight teams competing to advance to the playoffs.


The playoffs will run from February 24 to 27 where the top three teams will advance to the VCT APAC Stage 1 Challengers tournament.

Format of VCT Philippines Stage 1 Challengers

All teams that qualified to VCT Philippines Stage 1 Challengers
Credit: Riot Games

The group stage features two groups with four teams competing in a double round-robin format. All the matches are best-of-three and the top team from each group will advance to the second round of the upper bracket. 

Teams that finished in second and third place will continue to the first round of the upper bracket. Squads that finish in last place will be eliminated.

The playoffs will have a double-elimination bracket with all matches played in a best-of-three, except for the grand final, which will be a best-of-five.

Teams that are participating in the competition

All teams that qualified to VCT Philippines Stage 1 Challengers
Credit: Riot Games
Team SecretInvited
Zeal EsportsInvited
NAOS EsportsFirst place Open Qualifier
Bren EsportsSecond place Open Qualifier
Looking For OrgThird place Open Qualifier
Oasis GamingFourth place Open Qualifier
Action PHFifth place Open Qualifier
South Built EsportsSixth place Open Qualifier

Where to watch VCT Philippines Stage 1 Challengers?

Team Secret DubsteP at Valorant Champions 2021
Credit: Riot Games

Valorant fans can watch the matches live on PPGL’s official Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook channels:


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