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When it comes to competitive gaming, every edge counts. So in a tactical shooter like Valorant, one crucial element for any team is controlling the post-plant situation.

Throwing a post-plant molly is one of the most common tactics to stop a defuse. However, Ethan “Ethan” Arnold has shown that there is a surefire way to counter this tactic.

We’ve decided to take a closer look at Ethan’s strategy and explore how it can be used to gain an advantage in Valorant matches.

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Ethan shows how to stop a post-plant molly

Ethan shows post-plant molly counter
Credit: 100 Thieves, ONE Esports

We saw on Tarik “tarik” Celik’s Twitch stream that the defenders cleared the A-site on Bind, except for the enemy Brimstone who managed to stay alive.

Hiding in Bath, he threw his Incendiary molly through Omen’s smoke, which would have delayed the spike defuse.

Ethan was one step ahead of the enemy Brimstone and called out that he would block off the enemy team’s molly.

He moved his agent in front of A Bath and perfectly blocked the Brimstone molly, which allowed tarik to complete the defuse.

Molly lineups in Valorant are one of the best ways to secure rounds in post-plant situations, but only a few players know that the character models in Valorant can actually body block these projectiles.

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