Positioning is everything in Valorant, where a sneaky box jump can help you get the drop on your opponents and score frags from unexpected places.

One such spot is the large box on Haven’s C site. While it is usually only accessible to agents with movement abilities like Jett or Chamber, savvy players have discovered that it’s actually possible for any agent to get up onto the box without using their abilities.

If you’re wondering how to pull it off, Sentinels’ star duelist Tyson “TenZ” Ngo has just shown how to properly execute the double box jump on C site, which may help you surprise your opponents in your next game.

But be warned – it’s incredibly hard to get right.

TenZ shows how to do C site box jump on Haven

TenZ shows how to do the box jump on C-site's Haven
Screenshot by Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports

Players first need to jump on top of the single-stack Radianite crate next to the big box.

To get there, hug the box so you can see the patterns on top of it from your starting position. Make sure you can see the entire green triangle on top of the box. From there, simply jump while moving forward and holding down crouch.

Alternatively, you can also get onto the crate by making a running jump from logs.

Once you’re on top of the first box, you’ll need to do a second jump to get onto the large box. This box jump requires a very specific lineup, according to the VCT Stage 2 Masters Reykjavik 2021 champion, which makes it far more difficult to execute.

Look down at the single-stack Radianite box and align your crosshair with its front so you’re standing at the edge. Next, place your crosshair on the corner of the concrete base next to logs.

From there, you need a running start before hitting jump and crouch simultaneously to launch yourself off the box. Aim at the concrete corner while moving forward, then turn to face the large box at the highest point of your jump to get on top.

Haven’s C site already has several vantage points players can use to hold the site, whether it be on defense or post-plant. The top of C box is a powerful position that someone holding an Operator could use to lock down C Long, effectively preventing attackers from getting onto C site without coordinated utility.

Meanwhile, the single-stacked box is a strong off-angle position to hold in post-plant situations where you’re watching for a push from Garage.

However, given how difficult these jumps are to pull off, it would be best to attempt them only during the Buy Phase to avoid getting shot while lining up your crosshair.

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