With First Strike schedules finally released, Riot has informed the Valorant community that Act III’s new agent and map will be included in the anticipated tournament series.

Riot has revealed that Skye will be eligible for use during the First Strike qualifiers starting November 9; while the new Icebox map will subsequently be added to the official tournament rotation on November 24.

If no major bugs, exploits, or issues arise, pertaining to the new agent and new map, Valorant fans can expect to see new agent drafts and strategies during Riot’s tournament series.

First Strike’s open qualifiers, group stage, and tournament events for all regions are scheduled on different dates, but all regional finals for these events will take place at the start of December. This means that both Skye and Icebox will play a pivotal role in which team will be crowned the First Strike champion.

The Icebox map is already playable in Valorant’s Unrated queue and custom lobby. Furthermore, it will be added to the Competitive queue on October 27, along with Act III’s new agent Skye. This gives teams nearly a month to practice using the new map, and about two weeks to master Skye.

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