Riot has revealed Valorant’s newest agent, Skye, an Australian nature conservationist. She’s been unveiled as the game’s 13th agent going into Act III. And from the looks of things, this eco-warrior can do it all.

At the start of the teaser video, Skye is shown to be a support-type character, who is able to heal and scout her surroundings to help her allies. In the game’s narrative, Sage convinces Skye to join their fight to stop the immeasurable damage done to the environment, a cause that hits home.

Here’s what we know so far about Skye’s skillset. The versatile nature-based agent can summon an elemental hawk that flashes opponents. As previously mentioned, she also has an area-of-effect heal with the same radius as Ascent’s entire B-site. 

She can, likewise, call forth a fox or canine-like creature that acts as a scout and is able to pounce on enemy agents; while Skye’s final ability looks like a half-plant, half-jellyfish which tracks down enemy agents, effectively giving away their position.

In the trailer, she is given a voice line that admits “[she isn’t] used to working with humans,” which means she’s probably spent her whole life in the wilderness, harnessing her animal abilities.

Skye is set to be released on October 27, two weeks after the launch of Valorant’s Act III on October 13. The initial launch will include the new Icebox map and changes to Competitive matchmaking.

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