Valorant’s 24th agent, Iso, is a frag-hungry duelist ready to take on all challengers at the start of Episode 7 Act 3.

The Chinese duelist’s toolkit is designed to make him the ideal entry agent. It’s advantageous for players to be aware of the maps where he’ll be able to fully utilize the extent of his agent abilities.

For players looking to add another duelist to their agent pool, here are the five best maps for Iso.

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The five best maps for Iso


Vaorant duelist Iso agent ability Contingency
Credit: Riot Games

With its narrow entryways and box-shaped sites, Iso’s linear agent abilities are great tools for taking space on attack.

Iso can use his Contingency smoke wall to give his team cover on all three sites. He can use it to block gunfire while moving into the A site from A long, and the same goes for a mid to B window push and C long push.

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For a solid A site execute, Iso should make his way from A lobby to A sewers, use his Contingency smoke to block the enemy team’s vision from A link.

Then, cast Undercut debuff ability to weaken the defenders stuck in the A site.

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Valorant agent Killjoy in Duality cinematic
Credit: Riot Games

Like Haven, Iso’s Contingency ability is perfect for taking control of pivotal parts of Bind.

Iso can use the impenetrable wall smoke to take control of A short, A bath, and B long, moving his team one step closer to the site. 

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One area where Iso can maximize his entry abilities is hookah.

To completely take control of this area, use Skye’s Trailblazer or Sova’s Owl Drone to spot enemies nearby. Once detected, have Iso throw his Undercut to eliminate anyone holding hookah.


Screenshot taken of Valorant map Sunset from Riot Games' official trailer
Credit: Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports, Riot Games

Another map with many narrow walkways and tight corners is Sunset, an ideal playground for Iso.

With Sunset’s layout having mid as the focal point, teams should play around him and try to set him up to get kills.

Breach would be the ideal partner for Iso on Sunset since he can stun and flash enemies with his Faultline and Flashpoint.

Iso abilities explained: Destroy your opponents with his Domain Expansion featured image link
Credit: Riot Games, ONE Esports
Valorant Agent 24 abilities explained: Destroy your opponents with his Domain Expansion

Before going for a kill, activate his Double Tap ability, which starts a timer. Whenever Iso gets an assist or a kill, an energy orb appears above the eliminated enemy agent. If he successfully shoots the orb, Iso receives a shield that absorbs one instance of damage from any source.

With the Double Tap shield active, Iso becomes the perfect entry agent. All his teammates need to do is bait or trade him on entry.


Valorant Split map
Credit: Riot Games

Split is an ideal map for Iso because both teams can peek at each other at the very start of the round.

Activating Iso’s Double Tap and getting an opening kill in the first 10 seconds of the round could lead to a domino effect where the enemy team loses ground quickly.

How to use Iso’s ultimate and win 1v1 every time featured image link
Credit: Riot Games, ONE Esports
How to use Iso’s ultimate and win 1v1 every time

Since Iso’s Undercut debuff can go through walls, you can use it just like how you would with Omen’s Paranoia flash, an ability that covers a lot of ground on Split.


Jett in Valorant's RETAKE cinematic trailer
Screenshot by Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports

Valorant’s snowy tundra is the ideal map for Operator users who like to hold high ground. Luckily, Iso’s ultimate Kill Contract is the perfect tool because it has the ability to pull the enemy Operator out of position.

Iso’s ultimate is a MLBB, Dota 2, and Jujutsu Kaisen ability that found its way into Valorant

When Iso casts his ultimate, a column of energy spreads through the map, pulling the first enemy it comes into contact with. If an enemy Jett is perched up A generator with an Operator, Iso can activate his ultimate on the platform across A pipes to pull the enemy Oper. 

If they standing on top of B yellow, make your way to B green, or B cubby to activate Kill Contract. If the enemy Oper is too far, use the Contingency wall to get close and activate the ultimate.

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