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Taking inspiration from lost cities filled with ancient wonders and mysteries, Lotus is a warren of tight corridors and small spike sites that allow for plenty of close-quarters combat.

The best Initiators play a crucial role in navigating this complexity, setting up your team for success with intel gathering, enemy disruption, and site entry.

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Credit: ONE Esports, Riot Games
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Its peculiar nature — a big map with three relatively enclosed sites — also dictates the agent meta on the map, which means that traditional initiator mainstays like Sova may not necessarily be your first pick.

Here’s a look at the best initiators to play on Lotus.

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Ranking the best initiators to use on Lotus

1. Breach

Breach official Valorant art
Credit: Riot Games

Swedish initiator Breach rises to the top of the fray on Lotus, largely thanks to the small, enclosed sites that make his Flashpoint blind even more punishing and difficult to dodge. For instance, using Flashpoint on B site will likely incapacitate opponents who are holding the choke point at a close angle.

His Fault Line stun can also be used to push enemies off oppressive angles, such as A Stairs and A Main.

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The numerous tight corners and boxes to hide behind also lend themselves very readily to Aftershock, which can be used to easily clear out pesky angles.

Finally, his Rolling Thunder ultimate is excellent for both executes and retakes, since it is able to cover the entirety of all three sites.

2. Fade

Valorant Fade Banner
Credit: Riot Games

Fade’s strength lies in her two Prowlers, which are perfect for clearing out the map’s tight angles and corners. These will be particularly useful on the approach to B site, and for obtaining information around C Bend.

Prowlers can also lead the way through the map’s revolving doors — an invaluable diversion for any teammates following close behind.

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While there are not as many roofs for Haunt to find a birds-eye perch, there are still ledges at A and C sites to provide intel.

And like Breach’s Rolling Thunder, Nightfall can cover all three sites, another powerful tool for attacking or retakes.

3. KAY/O

Valorant KAY/O
Credit: Riot Games

KAY/O ranks highly largely because of his ability to counter Killjoy with his ZERO/POINT suppression blade. Killjoy is shaping up to be the strongest sentinel on Lotus, and her utility will be annoying to deal with — unless KAY/O can snuff her out first.

The wide radius of the knife can also provide vital information through walls, and opponents will be unable to destroy it. The top of A Hut looks like a prime spot to land the knife, giving you information on the entirety of A site.

At the same time, KAY/O’s flashes and FRAG/MENT molly remain solid pieces of utility for post-plants and opening up sites.

4. Sova

Valorant Sova Art
Credit: Riot Games

Because of its enclosed sites, Lotus is not a map that lends itself to easy Sova lineups. While there are still some useable lineups, they do not allow Sova to maintain his advantage at a distance and require him to be fairly close to the spike in post-plant situations, a considerably riskier scenario.

Nevertheless, the ability to bounce his Recon Bolt and Shock Bolt could still allow him to scout and clear out the nooks and crannies of each site.

Owl Drone is also an excellent recon tool, no matter the map, and teammates can still follow it in onto sites.

5. Skye

Skye official Valorant art
Credit: Riot Games

Skye’s Guiding Light flashes can provide crucial information when sent out to A or C Main, taking advantage of their long, open sightlines.

That said, Trailblazer scout will struggle in these areas, because opponents can destroy it before they come into range of its limited vision. Trailblazer may come in handy when attacking B or C, however, although it can be easily replaced by Fade’s Prowlers.

Compared to other initiators, it will be more difficult to get value out of her abilities, although she is by no means a terrible agent for the map.

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