Among all Initiators in Valorant, Sova is one of the best in gathering intel and creating opportunities for his team.

Since intel plays a big part in competitive shooters, we have made this Sova lineups guide for each site on Bind.

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Valorant map pool: All maps in the competitive rotation

For simplicity, we have divided this guide for playing Sova on both attack and defense. However, all the mentioned lineups can be used in different scenarios when required.

Top-rated Sova lineups for each site on Bind

Bind has a unique feature of teleporters, which makes both A and B Sites unpredictable. Here’s where Sova comes in to the rescue.

There are millions of possibilities when it comes to playing Sova for intel in Valorant. So, it gets tedious for both beginners and experienced players to keep track of all.

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For that, this guide focuses on the most useful ones which many profressionals use too.

Note: All the mentioned Sova lineups have been tested in Valorant Episode 8 Act 1. If Riot Games makes any changes to Bind, these lineups might not function as intended.

Sova Bind lineup: A Site Defense (Bath Intel)

Most Sova mains can easily shoot a Recon Bolt blindly and scan A Short as it is near the site. However, he has the potential to send his Recon Bolt to A Bath Entrance, and we’ll tell exactly how.

To execute this, go to A Heaven and stand perpendicular to the door beam on the right. Aim towards the twin slanting towers.

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Line up your crosshair vertically along the left end of the bath slanted pillar and the height of the tallest fort. Charge the Recon Bolt shot up to approximately two and a half bars and shoot.

This will directly land on the tall wall present right behind the A Bath entry. It will give every intel on Agents standing near the area or just teleported out from B Main.

Sova Bind lineup: A Site Attack (Back A Site Intel)

Visual information can be gathered easily on Bind when entering A Site from either entry points like Baths or A Short. However, most players dive into the site without knowing who’s hiding.

Here’s a simple Recon Bolt lineup that gives great information on the back of A Site while entering from A Short. Stand in between the benches of A Short, you have to be precise with it.

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Aim your crosshair to the corner of the building then charge your shot to full power and release it. Do not rush this shot, as it will not land on the intended spot.

This will land on the A Heaven outside wall, and reveal every enemy nearby. Be cautious as hiding Agents will try to take it down fast.

Sova Bind lineup: B Site Defense (B Long Push Intel)

Many Defenders face problems when it comes to B Main pushes in early rounds. This hurdle on Bind can be crossed easily with one easy Sova lineup.

First, position yourself at B Hall Entrance from Defender, and stand close to the door beam between two areas. Make sure there are no gaps between you and the beam before lining up.

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Next, look towards the Garden Door, and line up your shot with the yellow corner which can be seen from the standing position. After lining up, charge your shot to three bars and launch the Recon arrow.

This bolt will land right on B Long area near the Garden. You can also adjust this with one or two bounces to send the bolt deeper toward the Fountain.

Sova Bind lineup: B Site Attack (Overall B Site Intel)

When executing B Site, it is best to enter with every bit of intel on opponent Agents. The final Bind lineup fits the requirement flawlessly in Valorant.

Clear B Short and Hookah then proceed to move to the corner along the B Short Teleporter End and two stacked boxes. Make sure you’re hugging the corner and not moving an inch after positioning yourself.

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After that, look over the rusty metal wall, and aim your crosshair on the top-left of the far building while lining it horizontally along the small white spot. Charge your shot up to one bar only and release the shot.

This will land on the top of B Cubby wall and Recon most of the site. This will give your team enough intel to work with before entering the area.

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