Capcom has released the next phase of their groundbreaking anime collaboration, merging the worlds of Street Fighter 6 with the beloved Spy x Family series.

From January 9 to February 1, players can get their hands on new Spy x Family Street Fighter 6 crossover skins. These skins include Yor Forger and Loid Forger presets in the Avatar Ceator, complete with recipes for an authentic Spy x Family experience.

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We’ve listed down a complete guide on how to unlock Spy x Family skins in SF6.

How to unlock Spy x Family Street Fighter 6 crossover skins

Spy x Family Street Fighter 6 crossover changes to the Battle Hub
Credit: Capcom

Unlocking the exclusive Spy x Family Street Fighter 6 skins during this limited-time event is easy. All players who log in during the specified period will receive special collaboration items, including adorable Anya Forger sticker emotes.

Spy x Family Anya and Bond Figure from Amazon
Credit: JP Products
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But that’s not all. The Battle Hub went through a transformation with all-new Spy x Family visuals. The collaboration is promoting the theatrical release of the Spy x Family Code White movie.

How to get Yor Forger in SF6

Yor in Street Fighter 6 in Spy x Family collaboration
Credit: Capcom

For those who want to play as the Thorn Princess, head to the Avator Creator and input “SPY_SF6_YOR” in the download recipe tab.

Spy x Family Yor SEGA Premium figure
Credit: SEGA
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Players can acquire the Yor gear set by exchanging 500 Drive Ticket points.

How to get Loid Forger in SF6

Loid in Street Fighter 6 in Spy x Family collaboration
Credit: Capcom

To play as the super agent Twilight, go to the Avatar Creator and enter “SPY_SF6_LOID” in the download recipe tab.

Spy x Family Loid Forger Bandai Spirits S.H. Figuarts by Tamashii Nations on Amazon
Credit: Tamashii Nations
GET YOURS TODAY: Loid Bandai Spirits S.H. Figurats

Players can obtain the Loid gear set by using 500 Drive Ticket points.

Where to watch Spy x Family right now

To celebrate the addition of the Spy x Family Street Fighter 6 skins, Capcom released a promotional video showing Yor in action against fan-favorite character Chun-Li.

Yor doesn’t have any unique moves or special attacks. She is using all of Juri’s attacks in the demonstration.

You can watch the video below.

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