One of Malaysia’s Geek Fam most popular players, Xorn, is in the spotlight again for using unique heroes and builds in pro play, this time, on assassin emblem Grock in their MPL MY Season 7 playoffs series against Team SMG.

In the first game against Team SMG in the lower bracket, Geek Fam MY selected Grock as their last pick before switching it up and giving it to Xorn.

Using the assassin emblem, he chose High and Dry, which increases his damage, and battle spell Flicker.

While you may see this build in ranked, it is surprising to see a player pull this off at the highest level of gameplay in the MPL.

How Xorn played assassin emblem Grock effectively in game one

Throughout the game, Xorn’s assassin emblem Grock was constantly pressuring his opponents in an attempt to open up the map for his team by looking for picks in the jungle.

He was fully involved in Geek Fam MY’s first three kills of the game, and grabbed a kill for himself with two assists.

From there, Grock’s impact could be increasingly felt. He was always there for his team, and had a high kill participation with a 3/0/5 KDA in the early game.

MPL MY Season 7 playoffs Geek Fam MY Xorn wins MVP on assassin emblem Grock
Screenshot by Verdi Hendrawan/ONE Esports

Thanks to Geek Fam MY’s dominance, game one ended in just ten minutes. For helping his team snowball early, Xorn earned the MVP. Equipment wise, he bought Warrior Boots, Courage Mask, and Antique Cuirass.

Xorn brought back assassin emblem Grock Assassin back in the third game

In game two, Geek Fam MY was not successful when Xorn was on Silvanna, so in game three, he fell back on assassin emblem Grock.

Xorn managed to disrupt SMG Team’s defenses, grabbing six assists out of Geek Fam MY’s first seven kills. The only death in the game happened in the 16th minute when he was hit by Silvanna’s ultimate.

In the late game, Xorn’s assassin emblem Grock looked for combos with Dominus’ Yve. Catching out three members of Team SMG in the bot lane, Geek Fam MY found two more for a wipe out, securing the 2-1 series win.

Out of the 14 kills his team earned, Xorn was involved in 11 with a 78% kill participation.

Even though Geek Fam MY managed to clear round one of the MPL MY Season 7 lower bracket playoffs, they were swept by MPL MY/SG Season 6 champions Todak in round two, and were eliminated.

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