Vintage Ch4knu is back!

Execration continue their winning ways after a convincing 2-1 victory against AURA PH in the final week of the MPL PH Season 7 regular season, ending it off with a three-game win streak.

While all members of Execration did their part in the reverse sweep victory, roaming player Joshua “Ch4knu” Mangilog was a big factor thanks to his signature Grock pick.

The state of Grock in the current meta

Grock was once a priority pick in the pro scene, and Ch4knu was one of the strongest Grock players in the league. Unfortunately, a series of nerfs caused the tank hero to drop out of the meta.

Right now, Grock only has nine wins out of the 21 times he was picked this season. That’s a far cry from how strong Grock was in previous seasons, where picking him almost guaranteed an advantage, no matter the scenario.

How Ch4knu dominated with Grock

After winning game two, Execration had momentum going for them in game three, especially after securing their comfort picks with Renz “Renzio” Cadua on Paquito and Patrick “E2MAX” Caidic on Selena.

Ch4knu and E2MAX were very aggressive in the early game, invading the jungle of AURA PH, stopping Mark “LORD HADESS” Lazaro’s Ling from snowballing.

The early game aggression of Ch4knu paved way for Execration to secure objectives easily and forced lopsided team fights in their favor.

The pressure was too much for the former S4 and S5 champions, and AURA PH eventually succumbed to Execration in just under 14 minutes.

Ch4knu finished the game with a KDA of 2/0/12, proving once again that he is still one of the strongest tanks in the league. E2max took home MVP honors with a solid 8/2/7 on Selena, for he landed crucial Abyssal Arrows all throughout the game.

Execration will face ONIC Philippines in the first round of the lower bracket playoffs on May 27, Thursday.

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