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EVOS Legends and RRQ Hoshi played a thrilling five-game series during the grand final of MPL ID Season 5. Even though EVOS went down in the last game, Bajan stood out for his performance on Jawhead in the first three.

Here, the resident tank player shares with us tips on how to master Jawhead in both fighter and tank playstyles.

1. Use Support Emblem and Battle Spell Flicker

When you run Flicker on Jawhead, he has a high potential to catch opponents out, therefore this Support Emblem allows you to lower the cooldown of Flicker.

The Talent, Pull Yourself Together, reduces my Battle Spell cooldown by 15%.

2. Buy Athena’s Shield and Dominance Ice as core items

The first tank item that I buy is Athena’s Shield, and then Dominance Ice, usually.

If there’s an enemy Karrie in the game, I recommend Dominance Ice. If there’s an enemy Claude, go for Blade Armor instead. If I’m up against assassins, I normally build Antique Cuirass.

If you’re playing Jawhead as a fighter, I recommend these core items: Raptor Machete, Endless Battle, Blade of the Heptaseas, Queen’s Wings, Immortality and lastly, Athena’s Shield.

Depending on the situation, if the team is losing, I would buy a level 2 jungle item before Blade of the Heptaseas or Endless Battle.

3. Execute his basic combo by opening with Flicker

His basic combo is Flicker into Ejector to throw the enemy back, Unstoppable Force, and finally Smart Missiles.

When you’re in a bush, use Ejector, Smart Missiles followed by Unstoppable Force.

It’s really important that you take Flicker as it has strong potential for big plays.

4. Adapt your playstyle based Tank or Fighter build

If you play him as a Fighter, your main objective is to surprise, attack, then burst the enemy down in one shot.

Clear lane minions, then find bushes to set up your ambush You can catch a lot of people out with your high burst damage.

Around Turrets and Turtle and Lord, ambush from the bush as your kill threat is really high. If you’re building as a fighter, you can also solo Lord and Turtle, so use these advantages to catch your enemies off guard.

If you’re running him as a tank, you want to do the same thing, and choose carefully which enemy heroes to engage on.

Don’t show yourself on the map until the enemy is close enough, then pick them off accordingly. Vision is a key part of Jawhead’s gameplay..

5. Combo with burst heroes, watch out for Khufra and Atlas

The best heroes to combo with are burst heroes, for you can delete a lot of players off the map.

The counter for Jawhead is Khufra and Atlas. When you build as a figther, your HP is relatively lower, and they can easily pick you off. The only way to win is to ambush them and pick them off first.

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