Southeast Asia’s new kings of the MPL are Indonesian representatives Alter Ego. They won the championship after an absolutely perfect run at the ONE Esports MPL Invitational with a 11-0 record without dropping a single game.

After pushing RRQ Hoshi to the limits just over a month ago in the grand final of MPL ID Season 6, Alter Ego has shown even more growth in MPLI. Their performance has surpassed all other teams.

EVOS Legends, RRQ Hoshi, Genflix Aerowolf, Geek Fam ID, and finally Bren Esports were are swept by Alter Ego. Surprisingly, not one of these top teams were able to steal even a single game against Alter Ego.

This trophy is the first for Alter Ego in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang scene. After their heartbreaking 2-3 loss to RRQ Hoshi in the MPL ID S6 grand final, they redeemed themselves at MPLI by knocking out RRQ Hoshi 2-0, and then sweeping MPH PH S6 champions, Bren Esports, 3-0 in the final.

The reason behind the team’s domination at MPLI according to former Arena of Valor player and now Alter Ego coach Regi “NasiUduk” Kurniawan, is their mental strength.

“I see that we are mentally superior to Bren Esports. Because when it comes to gameplay, we’ve had a hard time fighting Bren in scrims. Looking at us, we have lost more than we have won,” he said. CEO of Alter Ego Delwyn Sukamto confirmed this.

Sukamto further expressed his feelings about the inaugural title. “I am clearly proud of my children. Don’t forget that there is also Caesius whose role is also crucial for the development of the team, besides Leomurphy and Ahmad.”

“The thing is that these three people have existed since the formation of Alter Ego. From the start, we also believed that AE could lift the trophy one day. In the end, it’s not about the three of them, but their collective struggle since the MPL Season 6.”

Besides mental strength, Sukamto also believes that the team communicated exceptionally well in the grand final. “We are very happy because this is the first time we are holding the trophy together. Hopefully not just this time. In the future, it can happen again, ”

Throughout MPLI, one player in particular was especially grateful for the taunts he received. Julian “Leomurphy” Murphy shared that blasphemy was his motivation, and that he would not change that style of play.

“I can’t judge my own performance. Maybe someone else can judge that. “This style of play should continue,” he said. “Thank you for blaspheming me. That actually makes me even more motivated.”

With the ONE Esports MPLI championship in their hands, Alter Ego will now be looking to defend their title as MLBB’s strongest team at the M2 World Championship in January next year.

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