Updated on November 16, 12:17 a.m. (GMT+8): Updated scores and standings.

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Invitational 2023 group stage (MPLI 2023 group stage) is here, featuring 16 teams vying for glory and a whopping US$100,000 prize pool.

Notably, two-time defending champion ONIC Esports has withdrawn from the tournament, paving the way for a new team to claim the MPLI crown this season.

Dominated by Indonesian teams since its inception in 2020, this season brings heightened competition as teams from MPL regions like the Philippines and non-MPL regions are closing in, eager to secure the coveted title.

In this stage, only two teams from each of the four groups will advance to the playoffs, intensifying the competition.

To stay informed, here’s a comprehensive overview of the MPLI 2023 group stage, covering the format, schedule, results, and information on where to catch the action.

MPLI 2023 group stage format

MPLI 2023 group stage bracket
Credit: ONE Esports

In the group stage, the 16 participating teams were placed into four separate groups, with their placement determined by fan voting.

AP BrenBlacklist InternationalECHOSee You Soon
Nova EsportsGeek FamEVOS LegendsRRQ
TheOhioBrothersTeam FalconsBigetron AlphaTeam Flash
Dewa UnitedHomeBoisRebellion ZionRSG PH

Matches will be played in a best-of-one, single round-robin format.

After the group stage, the highest-ranked team from each group will advance to the upper bracket of the playoffs, while the second-ranked team will move on to the lower bracket.

The two teams that finish at the bottom of their respective groups will be eliminated.

MPLI 2023 group stage schedule, results, standings

AP Bren and Blacklist International team introduction during the MPL PH Season 12 grand final
Credit: Moonton Games

The group stage will be held from November 15 to 16.

Group A

AP Bren3 — 0
TheOhioBrothers2 — 1
Dewa United Esports1 — 1
Nova Esports0 — 3

AP Bren and TheOhioBrothers advance to the playoffs.

Nova Esports and Dewa United Esports have been eliminated.

Group B

HomeBois3 — 0
Blacklist International2 — 1
Team Falcons1 — 2
Geek Fam0 — 3

HomeBois and Blacklist International advance to the playoffs.

Geek Fam and Team Falcons have been eliminated.

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Group C

ECHO2 — 1
Rebellion Zion2 — 1
Bigetron Alpha1 — 2
EVOS Legends1 — 2

ECHO and Rebellion Zion advance to the playoffs.

EVOS Legends and Bigetron Alpha have been eliminated.

Group D

RSG PH3 — 0
See You Soon2 — 1
RRQ1 — 2
Team Flash0 — 3

RSG PH and See You Soon advance to the playoffs.

RRQ and Team Flash have been eliminated.

Group Stage schedule and results

November 15 (Wednesday)

AP Bren1 — 0TheOhioBrothers
Nova Esports0 — 1Dewa United Esports
AP Bren1 — 0Dewa United Esports
Blacklist International1 — 0Team Falcons
Geek Fam0 — 1HomeBois
Blacklist International0 — 1HomeBois
ECHO0 — 1Bigetron Alpha
EVOS Legends0 — 1Rebellion Zion
ECHO1 — 0Rebellion Zion
See You Soon1 — 0Team Flash
See You Soon0 — 1RSG PH
Full roster of every team competing at MPLI 2023
Credit: ONE Esports
Full roster of every team competing at MPLI 2023

November 16 (Thursday)

Nova Esports0 — 1TheOhioBrothers
AP Bren1 — 0Nova Esports
TheOhioBrothers1 — 0Dewa United Esports
Geek Fam0 — 1Team Falcons
Blacklist International1 — 0Geek Fam
Team Falcons0 — 1HomeBois
EVOS Legends1 — 0Bigetron Alpha
ECHO1 — 0EVOS Legends
Bigetron Alpha0 — 1Rebellion Zion
RRQ1 — 0Team Flash
See You Soon1 — 0RRQ
Team Flash0 — 1RSG PH

(to be updated)

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MPLI 2023 group stage teams

MPLI 2023 power rankings featuring players from Geek Fam, ECHO, AP Bren, and Team Flash
Credit: ONE Esports
MPL ID Season 12RRQ
Geek Fam
Rebellion Zion
Dewa United Esports
Bigetron Alpha
EVOS Legends
MPL PH Season 12ECHO
AP Bren
Blacklist International
MPL MY Season 12HomeBois
MPL SG Season 6Team Flash
MPL KH Autumn 2023See You Soon
MPL MENA Fall 2023Team Falcons
NACT Fall 2023TheOhioBrothers
ChinaNova Esports

Where to watch the MPLI 2023 group stage

All the games will be streamed live on ONE Esports’ official media platforms:

You can also watch the games co-streamed by your favorite Mobile Legends: Bang Bang personalities. Here’s the full list of all MPLI 2023 co-streamers.

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