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Kadita, the Ocean Goddess, possesses the power to control ocean waters and weather, which she uses to protect her home, the Southern Seas.

The mage/assassin hero can instantly eliminate enemies with one of the most lethal combos in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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Furthermore, her ability to survive is impressive, thanks to her unique skill set that includes HP restoration, control immunity, and untargetability.

Learn how to play the Queen of the Southern Seas effectively using this extensive ONE Esports guide.

Kadita’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Thalassophobia

Kadita gains the Blessing of the Ocean every half a minute. The Blessing is triggered when she takes damage from enemy heroes and lasts for several seconds, allowing her to recover a huge percentage of the HP lost at the end of the duration.

  • Thalassophobia grants you the ability to restore HP as you engage in combat, allowing you to boldly confront enemies and withstand their attacks. Nevertheless, it is recommended to play defensively when this is on cooldown.
  • A sphere of water circling around Kadita indicates that the passive is available.

First skill – Ocean Ode

Kadita summons an ocean wave to carry herself in the target direction and back, dealing magic damage to enemies hit and slowing them. While inside the wave, she gains control immunity and damage reduction. This skill can pass through obstacles and terrain.

Use again: Kadita leaves the wave without interrupting the wave’s movement.

  • Since Ocean Ode is her main mobility and damage spell, prioritize maxing it out first.
  • Use this ability to initiate your attack. Thanks to its control immunity and damage reduction effects, you can bypass the enemy’s frontline and target squishy heroes at the back.
  • It is also an outstanding tool to get out of sticky situations, allowing you to pass through walls and turrets.
  • Ocean Ode has a fixed cast range. Therefore, caution is advised when planning to ride the wave, especially in the vicinity of enemy turrets.

Second skill – Breath of the Ocean

After a short delay, Kadita summons an ocean wave to erupt at the target location, dealing magic damage to enemies hit and knocking them airborne.

Kadita can cast this skill during Ocean Ode to summon an ocean wave beneath her with a shorter eruption delay.

  • Breath of the Ocean is Kadita’s only crowd control skill. Combine it with Ocean Ode to set up your ultimate.
  • Be careful when employing the Ocean Ode-Breath of the Ocean combo. Activating Breath of the Ocean removes the control immunity provided by your first skill. This makes you vulnerable to CC effects from enemies.
  • Make use of the skill indicator when casting Breath of the Ocean to ensure you maximize its area of effect.

Ultimate – Rough Waves

Kadita dives into the ground and sends ocean waves in all directions, each dealing magic damage to enemies hit and slowing them. Enemies hit by multiple waves take increased damage. After a short period, the waves return to her, each dealing magic damage to enemies hit.

When underground, Kadita becomes untargetable and gains extra movement speed.

  • The closer you are to your target when you activate Rough Waves, the more damage it will inflict. As such, you may want to reposition yourself after hitting them with the Ocean Ode-Breath of the Ocean combo.
  • You can move while underground, allowing you to chase enemies and hit them with the returning waves.
  • Since Rough Waves render you untargetable and grant you extra movement speed, you can use it to escape from dangerous positions. However, you cannot pass through obstacles and terrains while underground.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Kadita in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Recommended battle spell

Recommended battle spell for Kadita in Mobile Legends, Petrify and Flicker
Credit: ONE Esports

Petrify stands out as the most ideal battle spell for Kadita. Use it to immobilize your target, ensuring that you land your skill combos on them.

Flicker is also a viable choice, providing you with additional mobility to close the gap against enemies or escape from them. You can also use it to reposition your ultimate while casting it.

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Recommended emblem

Recommended emblem set for Kadita in Mobile Legends
Credit: ONE Esports

To maximize your damage and pickoff potential, go for the Assassin emblem. It substantially boosts your adaptive penetration, adaptive attack, and movement speed.

Alternatively, you can consider choosing the Magic emblem, which offers significant magic power, cooldown reduction, and magic penetration.

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Pick Rupture in the first tier to acquire additional adaptive penetration, and Bargain Hunter in the second tier to reduce the cost of items. If you want to gain extra magic power, replace Bargain Hunter with Weapons Master.

In the final tier, take Lethal Ignition, which empowers you to deal additional adaptive damage to enemies hit by your combos.

Kadita best build

Recommended item build and battle setup for Kadita in Mobile Legends
Credit: ONE Esports

Since your primary goal is to burst down squishy heroes in the opposing team, it is essential to bolster your magic power and magic penetration.

To start, get common Boots then rush Clock of Destiny to reach its maximum stacks as early as possible.

Upgrade to Arcane Boots, and if you’re playing as a roamer, equip it with Conceal roaming blessing so you can sneakily position yourself in unexpected locations.

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Subsequently, buy Genius Wand to reduce your opponents’ magic defense, Lightning Truncheon to inflict magic power-based extra damage, and Holy Crystal to increase your magic power.

Complete your build with Divine Glaive to further amplify your magic penetration, allowing you to deal tremendous damage even to tanky foes.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang items Divine Glaive and Genius Wand
Credit: ONE Esports
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However, if you need to improve your survivability, especially in the late game, consider replacing either your Holy Crystal or Divine Glaive with Immortality or Winter Truncheon.

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The best build for Kadita in Mobile Legends

  • Arcane Boots
  • Clock of Destiny
  • Genius Wand
  • Lightning Truncheon
  • Holy Crystal
  • Divine Glaive

Easy combos to learn

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skin, White Robin Kadita
Credit: Moonton Games

During the laning phase, use Ocean Ode to approach your enemy followed by Breath of the Ocean. Always advance your aim of Ocean Ode so you can adjust the activation of Breath of the Ocean.

Additionally, rotate to the side lanes during the early stages of the game for potential pickoffs.

Once you obtain Rough Waves, you can execute various combos to take down opponents.

For the most basic combo, use Ocean Ode to close in on your target, then knock them airborne with Breath of the Ocean. Finish them off with Rough Waves.

If you have enough items to burst down a target, trigger Rough Waves right after using Ocean Ode to avoid getting controlled.

Take advantage of the bushes to surprise your enemies. Furthermore, incorporate your battle spell into your combo.

If you have Petrify, activate it after using the Ocean Ode-Breath of the Ocean combo to immobilize your target, ensuring that you hit them with the knock-up effect from your second skill and Rough Waves.

If you have Flicker, use it to reposition Rough Waves toward your target’s retreat direction should they manage to dodge Breath of the Ocean or remove it with Purify.

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