Fans were hyped when Moonton announced The Exorcists in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in September. The new limited-time skins completely transformed Yu Zhong and Kagura from ordinary heroes to Cyberpunk-Esque ghost hunters who cast magic.

There were only two heroes who received the skin in its initial release, similar to the Aspirants skin line that was released earlier this year. This is so that Moonton can see how popular the skin line is and determine whether it’s ideal to add more to the mix.

As it turns out, the skins are turning heads in the Land of Dawn. Just 10 days before its release in the live server, Moonton had already sent skin surveys for two new heroes who might join the Exorcists soon.

MLBB data miner Dafrixkun has revealed on Facebook two new skin surveys for the skin line, featuring Exorcist Granger and Exorcist Hayabusa.

Granger and Hayabusa will fight evil spirits with The Exorcists squad soon

Moonton sends out skin surveys randomly via the in-game mail. Players are asked to pick between two iterations of an upcoming skin in these surveys.

In the first skin survey of Granger, the Death Chanter looks far more intimidating with his new get-up. He is sporting a bright red hairdo and a badass white coat with flames on its edges. His guns in both surveys are menacing and perfectly fit the Exorcists theme.

The skin surveys for Hayabusa are something else. He is wearing an all-black outfit, similar to Marvel Comics’ Ghost Rider, but what makes this skin more badass is the massive fiery wings he has on his back. Both his katanas in the survey are also covered in flames.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang The Exorcists Kagura and Yu Zhong
Credit: Moonton

Expect Granger mains and Hayabusa mains to save as early as now. After all, there’s a big chance that these will be time-limited once it’s out in the game. Until then, Exorcist Yu Zhong and Exorcist Kagura are still available in the events tab until November 16.

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