Moonton Games has just unveiled Karrie‘s latest Epic skin, and it’s nothing short of majestic.

The new skin is called Ice Talon Karrie, her ninth skin in the game after Rising Star, Bladed Mantis, Dragon Queen, Jester, Hawkwatch, Gill-Girl, Neon Lightwheel, and Wheel of Justice.

What sets this new skin apart from her previous ones is that it showcases Karrie not as a mere warrior but rather, a regal ruler of a vast and icy realm.

Ice Talon Karrie character model and skills preview

The character model of Epic skin Ice Talon Karrie in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Karrie wears a fierce and stylish white armor fit for a queen in this skin.

Her crown and pauldron are particularly striking, featuring sharp, diamond-crafted elements that sparkle and glisten with every graceful movement.

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Her weapons have also been enhanced, as she now wields a chalikar that resembles a dazzling diamond, featuring an intricate snowflake design at its center.

As for her skills, she throws a massive ball of ice with Spinning Lightwheel and her auto attacks appear bigger after casting Speedy Lightwheel.

The idle animation effects of Ice Karrie Talon in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

What’s unique about this skin compared to other Epic skins is that it includes an idle animation, which you can view in the hero selection screen.

Karrie Ice Talon will be available on September 11 in the in-game store.

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