Many interesting things have been happening in MPL Season 6 in Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia/Singapore, one of which is how a handful of non-traditional tanks have been built and played as tanks

This season, there aren’t many hero choices at the professional level that are considered S tier. If you look at the MPL in the four countries so far, the two pure tanks that are still used are Khufra and Atlas. If those two tanks are banned or taken, Akai and Baxia are secondary choices. 

It’s no surprise then, that players have been adapting to the meta, and now prefer to play several fighters in the tank role.

Looking to follow along with the pros? Here are the six fighters the pros are using as tanks.

1. Hilda

Credit: Moonton

It’s no secret that Hilda is considered top tier in MPL this season. She is effective as an offlaner, but pro players are using her as a tank more often than not.

With high mobility and instant regeneration while in the bush, Hilda can easily open the map up for her team mates. Not to mention, she possesses early damage that is fairly painful.

Bajan from EVOS Legends is one of the players who likes to play Hilda as a tank, running the Concussive Blast tank emblem.

2. Chou

Credit: Moonton

Chou has always been played as a tank, but he’s been less popular these days. Plus, only a few players are really good at him.

Now, tank Chou is back in the S tier. Chou is fairly agile and nimble, and is able to lure opponents into a fight. Chou can be said to be the number one “kidnap hero” right now after the significant nerfs to Kaja.

3. Jawhead

Credit: Moonton

Jawhead is one of the fighters who can also be used as a tank. Bajan and Phoenix are two players who have made Jawhead their top tank option.

Ejector as an ability can be really annoying to play against. Moreover, Jawhead has the capability to pursue an assassin with his ultimate, Unstoppable Force.

4. Khaleed

Credit: Moonton

MLBB’s newest hero, Khaleed, is currently a top tier pick, and one of the strongest heroes in the early game.

It’s his ability to regenerate health, AoE skills, and a large scale ultimate that makes Khaleed a very capable tank.

Rasy from Onic Esports likes to use Khaleed this way. He even used the tank Khaleed in three games effectively. Taking the Concussive Blast tank emblem, it helps him to clear waves faster. Even without a single attack item, tank Khaleed can make a big impact.

5. Silvanna

Credit: Moonton

Silvanna is a hero that’s seldom seen, but a force to be reckoned with when used. Kyy from Bigetron Alpha recently played Silvanna, running the Tenacity tank emblem. Providing a stun and the ability to lock opponents up with her ultimate, she has potential to cause devastation in a team fight.

6. Ruby

Credit: Moonton

Malaysian team Red Reborn favors playing Ruby as a tank. This has been working out for them, since Ruby has innate regeneration who has two skills — Don’t Run, Wolf King! and ultimate I’m Offended! — with great AoE.

Tank Ruby is mainly used to curb opponents’ movement. Not to mention, Ruby’s regeneration is one of the best because every time she uses a skill, which converts spell vamp to lifesteal, she can dash to another location thanks to her passive, Let’s Dance.

Currently, Ruby has mainly been used in MPL Indonesia as a fighter by R7 and Khael. Will she make her debut as a tank in other regions soon?

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