Gloo is a niche pick in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). Despite having one of the most unique ultimates in the game, the Swamp Spirit is considered a difficult hero to play, and needs getting used to.

However, he might actually be the secret weapon to dominating in the current meta, especially in competitive MLBB.

Just how strong Gloo is right now on Mobile Legends patch 1.5.96?

MPL ID analyst Om Wawa gives his take on Gloo

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MPL PH S8 caster Om Wawa with Gloo
Credit: ONE Esports ID

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia (MPL ID Season 8) analyst Arwanto “Om Wawa” Tanumiharja shared with ONE Esports his thoughts on the hero.

According to Om Wawa, this hero is perfect in the current MLBB meta, where staying alive is paramount.

“Be afraid if you see a Gloo on the enemy team. Having a low cooldown is an effective option in the current meta where heroes likes to stick together” said Om Wawa.

However, this was not evident when MPL ID Season 8 started, and the Swamp Spirit was nowhere to be seen.

According to Om Wawa, the tank hero has the skills to shine against the current meta heroes. He also has the capacity to regenerate a lot in a team fight, something that is important in long-drawn team fights which is popular in this meta.

“Gloo is now an effective hero in lineups where there’s not much crowd control, but he remains to be seen much in competitive play” he added.

Why Gloo isn’t used much in competitive play… yet

Credit: Moonton

Despite having an ultimate which allows him to stick onto an enemy hero and send him flying to wherever he pleases, the first phase of the ability is a double-edge sword against the likes of Alice, Claude, and Ruby.

This is because the first phase of Split, Split, lets Gloo split into a bunch of Gloos and needs to get close to enemies in order to proceed to the second phase. These small Gloos are considered a single a unit.

As a counter attack, Alice can use her ultimate Blood Ode to regenerate her health when he gets close. Since Blood Ode is more effective when more units are inside the area of effect, Gloo is basically giving Alice a ton of regeneration. The same goes with Claude’s Art of Thievery and Ruby’s whole skillset.

However, he shines bright against certain lineups. An enemy team composition with limited movement and escape abilities will be beneficial for Gloo.

With this in mind, only time can tell on whether the Swamp Spirit is set to dominate the MPL scene in the team fight-heavy meta.

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