Voicing the most adorable League champion yet can be quite a challenge, but voice actress Cassandra Lee Morris has stepped up.

It’s not the first time Morris has brought a cat to life, the voice actress had performed as Morgana the cat from Persona 5 before, as it is also the second time she’s worked with Riot Games — her first project with the developer was giving life to Nami way back in 2009.

The actress confirmed on Twitter that she was the cutesy voice of the delightful magical kitten the moment the Champion was announced.

Because it’s not the first time Morris is performing as a feline (magical or not), fans were naturally curious if this was going to be a trend.

To be fair though, Morris has also plenty of other credits in non-feline roles, such as: Dead or Alive 5 (Leifang), Bravely Default (Edea Lee), Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (Aoi Asahina), Fire Emblem Heroes (Julia, Clarisse), and Xenoblade Chronicles X (Lin Lee Koo).

She’s also done voice acting in anime dubs, such as Bleach’s Rukia Kuchiki and Boku no Hero Academia’s Kota Izumi to name a few. You can check out her IMDB profile to find out more about this prolific voice actress.

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