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NewJeans Hanni has recently developed a passion for playing League of Legends, sparked by their collaboration with Riot Games.

Notably, NewJeans has been selected as the artiste to perform the Worlds 2023 anthem, “Gods,” live at the finals.

If NewJeans members ever tried League of Legends, these would be their roles according to Hanni

During her gaming session, she opted for the champion Garen in the top lane.

To help her play better, professional top laner Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok offered valuable advice to the K-pop idol on mastering Garen’s skills.

TheShy gives tips to his NewJeans bias, Hanni, on how to play Garen in the top lane

“Garen is a champion that requires aggressive plays and maintaining pressure,” he said on November 15 during the Worlds 2023 finals media day, as translated by ONE Esports. “Even if it feels intimidating, I think it is a good idea to disrupt your opponent by playing aggressively.”

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Garen in League of Legends is a durable and straightforward champion, known for his tankiness and simplicity. His playstyle revolves around engaging enemies with his Q ability, Decisive Strike, to silence and deal damage.

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He excels in prolonged trades, as his passive ability, Perseverance, provides health regeneration when out of combat.

Garen players often focus on building tank items to absorb damage and disrupt enemy carries, making him a reliable and easy-to-learn champion for players new to the game.

League of Legends champion Garen
Credit: Riot Games

In League of Legends, two teams of five champions each battle to destroy the opposing team’s Nexus, a core building in their base. Played on a three-lane map, players must control powerful champions, each with unique abilities, and work together to push through the lanes, defeat enemy minions and turrets, and ultimately breach the enemy base to destroy the Nexus.

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As a World Champion, TheShy played a crucial role in securing Invictus Gaming’s triumph at Worlds 2018, prevailing over Fnatic in the finals.

Despite his extensive professional career spanning eight years, where he hasn’t played Garen, his expertise in the top lane shines through. Recognized for his 1v1 and 1v2 outplays, some of TheShy’s best champions include Gnar, Aatrox, and Ornn.

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This year, he qualified for the Worlds finals a second time in his professional career, and happens to be a massive fan of NewJeans, with his bias being Hanni.

Hanni, a Vietnamese-Australian idol, is a member of NewJeans, an all-girl group celebrated for hits like “Super Shy,” “OMG,” and “Attention.”

NewJeans on stage at the League of Legends World Championship 2023 Media Day on November 15, 2023 in Seoul, South Korea.
Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

During the Worlds 2023 finals media day, the K-pop group briefly met finalists T1 and Weibo Gaming, TheShy’s team. The girls presented a signed copy of their “Get Up” EP to the players and coaches, sharing moments of camaraderie and capturing the occasion with team photos.

Weibo Gaming and NewJeans pose backstage at the League of Legends World Championship 2023 Media Day on November 15, 2023 in Seoul, South Korea.
Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

NewJeans will be performing their collaborative song with Riot Games titled “Gods” during the Worlds 2023 finals at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea, on Sunday, November 19 at 12 a.m. PST | 8 a.m. GMT | 4 p.m. GMT+8.

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The opening ceremony will be followed by the best-of-five series between Korea’s LCK second seed T1 and LPL fourth seed, China’s Weibo Gaming.

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Fans can catch their performance and the Worlds 2023 finals live on Riot Games’ streaming platforms on YouTube and Twitch.

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