Riot Games’ flagship title, League of Legends, has caught the curiosity of NewJeans.

Particularly, NewJeans Hanni, seems to have become invested in the video game. She made the big reveal at the Worlds 2023 finals media day, which took place on November 15 in Seoul, South Korea.

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All five members of NewJeans attended the press conference, where they answered questions from members of the press about their collaboration with Riot.

Does NewJeans Hanni play League of Legends? K-pop idol spills all at Worlds 2023 finals media day

During the Worlds 2023 finals media day, Hanni revealed that she tried playing League of Legends for the first time and picked top lane champion Garen.

“I even got quite addicted to it,” she said during the press conference.

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League of Legends is Riot Games’ multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where two teams of five play different champions to try and destroy each other’s Nexus. It is one of the most popular games not just in South Korea, but the whole world.

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While the other members haven’t really tried playing the online game, Hanni has already figured out which roles they would best fit in.

Minji would play jungle because she said she wanted to try it out.

Hanni described Haerin and Danielle’s teamwork as “good,” so the two of them would become a duo in the bot lane.

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With Hanni in the top lane playing as Garen, that leaves the mid lane for Hyein.

“Hopefully, we win (with this team),” Hanni said.

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One of the members of NewJeans, Hanni is known to bring her energy and charm to the group. She is Vietnamese-Australian and was born in Melbourne, Australia.

NewJeans OMG 1st Single Album Message Card Version released on  2nd January 2023
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NewJeans is ADOR’s all-girl group comprising Danielle, Hanni, Haerin, Hyein, and Minji. They made their debut in 2022, becoming the first K-pop band to achieve the million-seller milestone with their debut album, “New Jeans.”

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The group is known for their hit singles “Attention,” “Hype Boy,” “OMG,” and “Super Shy.”

They teamed up with Riot Games this year to perform “Gods,” the anthem for this year’s World Championship (Worlds 2023).

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