If you’re new to League of Legends, then here’s a warm welcome to the Summoner’s Rift! They say the beginning is always the hardest, but that’s not the case if you have a proper guide to turn to. Learn the ins and outs of this MOBA game by playing these newbie-friendly champs!

Sona, The Maven of the Strings
Credit: League of Legends

Sona (support)

If you are looking for a fun and basic support champion to play, then Sona is your best bet. Remembering all her skills is as simple as AHSS — attack, heal, speed up, and stun. Be sure to maximize the use of her passive, Power Chord, during the laning phase.

Morgana, the Fallen
Credit: League of Legends

Morgana (support)

The fallen angel’s third ability, Black Shield, is known to be a powerful defense in-game. Black Shield can be really handy for first-time support players as it absorbs magic damage and disables any crowd control for as long as five seconds. This can be very useful during the game’s early laning phase. With Morgana’s recent rework, it’s now easier for players to use her ultimate Soul Shackles. Simply approach nearby enemies to latch them and deal magic damage.

Lux, the Lady of Luminosity
Credit: League of Legends

Lux (mid)

Lux’s kit is perfect for mid-laners who are just starting out on the League. A good combination of her skill set would be E – Q – R, where Lux slows the enemy, binds her, and flashes her ultimate Final Spark. With the right AP items, Lux can become really overpowered on the mid lane, as demonstrated by video game content creator MythyMoo.

Want more reasons to play this Demacian? Lux is actually one of the champions with the most skins in game!

Garen, the Might of Demacia
Credit: League of Legends

Garen (top)

For newcomers who love to brawl, immediately lock in Garen! His simple kit makes it rewarding to go solo on top, gaining regeneration and movement speed. Go for shorter trades instead of extended ones when using this champion on the top lane.

Rinse and repeat this process until Garen has enough damage to utilize his ultimate, Demacian Justice. Using his ultimate can get tricky as Demacian Justice’s damage is dependent on how much health Garen’s target is missing.

Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter
Credit: League of Legends

Miss Fortune (AD)

Play with bullets using Miss Fortune! What we love the most about her? Well, Miss Fortune’s ultimate Bullet Time lets players deal heavy damage over time, with each wave of Bullet having a chance to critically strike the opponents.

If you’ve played the tutorial, you’re already familiar with this hunter on-the-roam.

Ashe, the Frost Archer
Credit:League of Legends

Ashe (AD)

Since her rework years ago, the Frost Archer has become more beginner-friendly to first-timer ADs. Her ability, Ranger’s Focus, costs only 50 mana, while stacking powerful, basic attacks and gaining additional Attack Speed. Ashe’s ultimate ability is pretty much straightforward, as you only need to aim accurately to stun a champion.

Master Yi, the Wuju Bladesman
Credit: League of Legends

Master Yi (jungle)

This bladesman is the most basic of all jungle champions out there, and when used correctly, can become overpowered in a game. His second skill, Meditate, is of big help especially to junglers who are just starting out as it lets you heal up to continue jungling.

When ganking, simply use Alpha Strike to dodge enemy skillshots — this will continuously make Yi disappear and reappear in just a matter of seconds.