Genshin Impact is giving away a free Lynette to all players in light of the launch of the much-awaited Fontaine region.

This 4-star Fontaine character boasts a range of abilities that prove useful for travelers looking to navigate the Hydro region with efficiency and ease.

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How to get a free Lynette in Genshin Impact: Requirements and eligibility for claiming the 4-star Fontaine character

Requirements and eligibility

Players need to reach Adventure Level 25 to get their free Lynette.

How to claim Lynette for free in Genshin

Once you’re eligible for the free character, visit the event page “The Curtain Never Falls on Magic,” where you can send an invite to Lynette.

Free Lynette in Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Kristine Tuting/ONE Esports

Who is Lynette in Genshin?

Lynette is a 4-star Anemo character in Genshin. She is one of the siblings of Lyney, as well as his magic assistant.

Despite being the assistant to the most popular magician in the Court of Fontaine, Lynette likes to keep a low profile, often hiding behind Lyney even during their performances.

Lynette materials guide in Genshin Impact
Credit: HoYoverse, ONE Esports
View all Lynette materials here

Taking a closer look at her skills in combat, she possesses impressive mobility on the battlefield. When her elemental skill is activated and held, she enters the Pilfering Shadow state, a mode that grants her heightened speed. Additionally, her elemental burst summons a Bogglecat Box that taunts and attacks enemies nearby.

Lynette is voiced by Anairis Quinones (EN), Yu Sasahara (JP), Kekewei (CN), Lee Myung-hwa (KR).

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