Time and time again, League of Legends pro player Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee has demonstrated his love for gacha games.

He’s gone to great lengths, spending significant sums of money in in-game currencies, even having a championship skin designed after his favorite character. Furthermore, he has made appearances in a commercial for a gacha game.

BeryL once blew US$7K on Genshin Impact loot boxes after winning Worlds 2020
After winning Worlds 2022, all this support player can think about is gacha games
2-time League of Legends world champion DRX BeryL is now the star of official Genshin Impact commercial

Just how much has he spent on one of his favorite gacha games?

LoL player BeryL reveals his total gacha spending in Genshin Impact

BeryL’s financial commitment to HoYoverse’s gacha game Genshin Impact is quite significant, as he disclosed during a livestream with fellow player Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang.

Venti Nendoroid from Genshin Impact
Credit: Good Smile Company, HoYoverse
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He has spent approximately KR₩90 million or US$70,000 on his Genshin account, which is approximately 10 times more than the initial US$7,000 he spent after winning the World Championship (Worlds) in 2020.

To illustrate, this amount is almost equivalent to Dplus KIA’s Worlds 2023 prize for placing 9th to 11th, about 3.25% of the tournament’s prize pool.

League of Legends pro player DWG KIA BeryL plays Genshin Impact.
Credit: Riot Games/Getty Images

In an exclusive interview with ONE Esports, he admitted that he is “a diehard collector” when it comes to his Genshin account and is likely to wish on newer characters.

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After securing his second World Championship victory in 2022, he rushed back to South Korea from the United States to play Genshin Impact. Due to server differences between Asia and the Western region, he encountered challenges accessing his Genshin account in the US, which forced him to pull for Nahida’s limited-time banner in his home country.

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Fast forward to 2023, he had the opportunity to star in a commercial for Genshin Impact’s collaboration with the popular pizza chain, Pizza Alvolo.

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As a South Korean professional support player, BeryL has achieved notable success in the League of Legends esports scene. He played for DAMWON Gaming (now Dplus KIA) in 2020 and later joined DRX. With these teams, he clinched the World Championship title twice, first in 2020 and then again in 2022.

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Credit: Funko, HoYoverse
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