Fall Guys Season 2 is coming soon and developer Mediatonic has revealed the newest features coming to the quirky game-show battle royale.

While the developer has already teased that the new season will be medieval-themed, the game will also experience more options in personal customization.

To counteract its removal of personal names, players will now have an interface option in its customizer, giving you full reign over your banner styles and nicknames.

On top of that, the Fall Guys community manager also stated that the developers will be looking for some community nicknames to put into its database later on when it gets introduced. We may see more meme-like names like “Last Place” appear to give players a chuckle during a race.

Though there aren’t any details about how to obtain such banners and nicknames, the more interesting nicknames may be added into the next season pass or even have their own category of achievements.

With the theme already set and massive improvements on its anti-cheat software, it’ll be likely that the developers will keep adding more options to keep things interesting. Seeing as how the chances of grabbing a crown will be higher in the next season, there’s bound to be more skin collabs and customization on its way.

Fall Guys Season 2 is coming out sometime in October.

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