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  • TNC Predator wins the MDL Chengdu Major
  • Ex-Team Liquid roster announces Team Nigma
  • Outlanders patch completely changes Dota 2
  • And Team Flash win the Arena of Valor International Championship 2019

Credit: Aloysius Low/ONE Esports

TNC Predator wins the MDL Chengdu Major

TNC Predator shocked the Chinese crowd at the MDL Chengdu Major, defeating hometown favorites Vici Gaming 3-1 in the grand finals. The Filipino squad secured their first-ever DPC Major win and took home US$300,000 and 4,850 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) points.

Vici Gaming looked poised to take the entire tournament after going on a rampage in the Upper Bracket, defeating Fighting Pandas, Evil Geniuses, and TNC Predator to make it to the grand finals.

However, TNC captain Park “March” Tae-won made the proper adjustments in the grand finals, and easily took the first two games. Vici Gaming managed to fight back in game three, but it wasn’t enough to stop TNC’s momentum, and they won a hard-fought game four to win the tournament.

Credit: Team Nigma

Ex-Team Liquid roster announces Team Nigma

The former Team Liquid roster, led by Kuro “Kuroky” Salehi Takhasomi, has revealed that they will now be playing under the name, Nigma Esports.

Kuroky and his squad left Liquid back in September, revealing that they intended to stay together as a team and form their own organization.

Nigma’s official Twitter account revealed that their organization’s name comes from the Arabic word najima (نجمة), which means star. It may also reference the Dota hero Enigma, whose cosmic themes feature prominently in the team’s announcement video.

Outlanders patch completely changes Dota 2

The highly-anticipated Outlanders update for Dota 2 is finally here, and brings with it two new heroes in Void Spirit and Snapfire, as well as massive changes to the core game.

You will no longer need to buy a courier as each player now gets one automatically at the start of the game. The hero level cap has also been raised to level 30, with all talents in your talent tree unlocked when you max out.

The map has also been given an overhaul, as both Ancient camps are now located on the opposite side of the map from Roshan and the Side Shops have been replaced with a new neutral building type called Outposts.

The biggest change of the patch is the introduction of neutral item drops, which cannot be sold, but can be shared with allies.

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Team Flash wins the Arena of Valor International Championship 2019

Credit: Team Flash

Vietnamese squad, Team Flash, has won the Arena of Valor International Championship 2019.

The grand finals were held on November 24 at Iconsiam’s True Icon Hall in Bangkok, Thailand and pitted Team Flash against hometown favorites Buriram United Esports.

The best-of-seven series ended with a 4-1 standing, with Team Flash midlaner Trần “XB” Xuân Bách winning the finals MVP trophy.

With the victory, Team Flash is indisputably the best AoV team in the world, as the same squad also won the AoV World Cup earlier this year while representing Vietnam.