Gamer’s Paradise Episode 4 picks up from where last week’s episode left off, keeping viewers in the fantastical universe of League of Legends.

Shoutcasters Bryan “Autolose” Quiazon and Aaron “Qontra” Chan return to The Pulse segment to talk about which characters from hit Netflix series Arcane they would invite to a house party.

TSM head coach Wong “Chawy” Xing Lei also makes an appearance on Hero Story, where he spoke about his journey in esports so far and how he’s settling down in his new gig in Los Angeles.

Gamer’s Paradise Episode 4 speaks to Chawy about his pro career so far

On The Pulse, Autolose picked brilliant yordle scientist Heimerdinger to go to his house party. “Heimerdinger knows a lot of secrets,” he said. Since the drinks at parties tend to loosen up tongues, the wizened yordle might just spill something interesting.

On the other hand, Qontra briefly toyed with inviting Jayce, but eventually settled on Viktor. Host Eri Neeman wasn’t too thrilled with the idea — after all, Viktor’s brooding nature could drag the mood of the party down.

The show then switched gears, turning the spotlight on TSM coach Chawy. His story is one you don’t get to hear often — he played both professional League of Legends and Dota 2 at the start of his career, even competing at the very first The International, before eventually deciding to focus on Riot Games’ MOBA.

Gamer's Paradise Episode 4 Hero Story Chawy
Credit: Gamer’s Paradise

“I was also serving National Service back then so I didn’t have too much time,” he said. “I told myself that I had to pick one.”

He settled on League of Legends because it was more stable. Players were also getting paid more, instead of having to rely solely on tournament winnings.

As TSM’s head coach, he also revealed some key differences between North American and Southeast Asian players. As it turns out, one simply does not force NA players to train if they don’t want to.

To wrap the episode up, our hosts headed to House Party, where Autolose, Qontra, and Chawy played a game of charades based on League of Legends champions.

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