Are you a passionate Fnatic or Team Liquid fan? Your dedication now has a fashionable outlet — esports sneakers that embody the spirit of these teams.

These kicks not only showcase the iconic color schemes of esports teams but also capture their essence in the competitive scene.

In this collection, you’ll find seven sneakers that serve as a statement of allegiance to your cherished esports teams. Whether you’re cheering live from the stands or just going about your daily routine, these sneakers proudly display your unwavering support.

Esports sneakers and shoes inspired by renowned professional gaming teams

FnaticNew BalanceNew Balance Men’s Fresh Foam More V3 Running Shoe (Eclipse/Vibrant Orange)US$155.71
OG EsportsVansCustoms Sunflower Slip-OnUS$71.09
OpTic GamingSkechersWomen’s Uno-Stand on Air Sneaker (Lmgn)US$55.17
SentinelsNikeJordan 1 Retro High OG Patent Bred Men’s (Black/Varsity Red-White)US$365
T1AdidasOriginals Men’s Swift Run 22 Sneaker (Vivid Red/White/Altered Amber)US$39.94
Team LiquidAdidasOriginals Men’s Gazelle Sneaker (Collegiate Navy/White/Gold Metallic)US$85
Team SecretNikeAir Jordan 1 PandasUS$184.96

Fnatic esports sneakers — New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam More V3 Running Shoe

Esports sneakers New Balance Men's Fresh Foam More V3 Running Shoe Eclipse/Vibrant Orange
Credit: New Balance, Fnatic, ONE Esports

Fnatic’s striking combination of black and orange, their team colors, not only adds to their distinctive branding but also represents their fierce competitiveness, energy, and passion in competitive gaming.

When it comes to footwear, the New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam More V3 Running Shoe best represents this esports team.

This shoe includes New Balance’s signature Fresh Foam cushioning technology, delivering an incredibly responsive and plush underfoot experience that keeps your feet comfortable during long runs. The shoe’s lightweight design reduces fatigue while promoting a natural stride, while the breathable upper ensures optimal ventilation for coolness.

The Eclipse/Vibrant Orange color combination adds a touch of style to your runs, making this shoe a top-notch option for those who seek exceptional quality and performance in their running footwear.

OG Esports sneakers — Vans Customs Sunflower Slip-On

OG Esports sneakers Vans Customs Sunflower Slip-On
Credit: Supertrade4 via Amazon, OG Esports, ONE Esports

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The iconic Slip-On silhouette from Vans, coupled with the cheerful sunflower pattern, creates a unique blend of comfort and fashion, making these shoes an embodiment of laid-back charm and joyful self-expression. The sunflower motif adds a burst of color and positivity to your shoes, instantly brightening up your style and lifting your spirits.

With the Sunflower Slip-On, you’re not just stepping into a pair of shoes — you’re embracing a symbol of OG Esports’ sunny optimism and philosophy.

OpTic Gaming esports sneakers — Skechers Women’s Uno-Stand on Air Sneaker

OpTic Gaming esports sneakers Skechers Women's UNO-Night Shades Sneaker, LMGN, 8
Credit: Skechers, OpTic Gaming, ONE Esports

Rep OpTic Gaming’s Green Wall with the Skechers Women’s Uno-Stand on Air Sneaker.

This esports sneaker is a fusion of fashion-forward design and ultimate comfort. It seamlessly marries a trendy, chunky platform sole with a soothing light-mint green color, creating a blend of style and versatility.

Beyond its stylish exterior, the sneaker incorporates Skechers’ renowned Air-Cooled Memory Foam cushioning, providing an unparalleled level of comfort that envelops your feet in a plush, supportive embrace.

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Sentinels esports sneakers — Nike Jordan 1 Retro High OG Patent Bred Men’s

Sentinels esports sneakers Nike Jordan 1 Retro High OG Patent Bred Men’s (Black/Varsity Red-White)
Credit: Nike, Sentinels, ONE Esports

These Jordans would go perfectly well with your Sentinels jersey with its classic color scheme.

The black and red combination exudes a sense of boldness and sophistication that has become synonymous with the Jordan brand. Beyond its visual appeal, the shoe is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring a comfortable fit and reliable performance.

Additionally, the sneaker’s detailing, such as the Air Jordan wing logo on the ankle and the classic Nike Swoosh, pays tribute to the shoe’s rich basketball heritage.

T1 esports sneakers — Adidas Originals Men’s Swift Run 22 Sneaker

T1 esports sneakers adidas Originals Men's Swift Run 22 Sneaker
Credit: Adidas, T1 Entertainment and Sports, ONE Esports

Nothing says T1 Esports more than their signature colors red and white, and their winged logo. While we can’t quite replicate this logo on a pair of shoes, the Adidas Originals Men’s Swift Run 22 Sneaker in Vivid Red/White/Altered Amber comes remarkably close to capturing it.

The Swift Run 22 sneaker seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with classic Adidas design elements, resulting in a versatile shoe that effortlessly transitions from athletic activities to casual outings. The sneaker features lightweight construction and responsive cushioning that ensures a comfortable stride.

Team Liquid esports sneakers — Adidas Originals Men’s Gazelle Sneaker

Team Liquid esports sneakers adidas Originals Men's Gazelle Sneaker
Credit: Adidas, Team Liquid, ONE Esports

Just like Team Liquid’s brand colors, the Adidas Originals Men’s Gazelle Sneaker effortlessly spans decades of style.

The elegant combination of collegiate navy, white, and metallic gold creates a sophisticated yet sporty appearance that transitions from casual to smart-casual occasions.

Beyond its striking aesthetics, the Gazelle Sneaker boasts a comfortable fit and durable construction, making it as functional as it is fashionable. With its design and a touch of gold accents, the Adidas Originals Men’s Gazelle Sneaker pays homage to its heritage while being a staple for those who appreciate elegance in their footwear choices.

Team Secret esports sneakers — Nike Air Jordan 1 Pandas

Team Secret esports sneakers Nike Air Jordan 1 Pandas
Credit: Nike, Team Secret, ONE Esports

The Nike Air Jordan 1 Pandas’ colorway is as timeless and contemporary as Team Secret’s branding.

Their distinctive black and white color scheme, colloquially referred to as “Pandas,” delivers a bold contrast. These sneakers provide the iconic Air Jordan 1 silhouette, celebrated for its historical significance in sneaker culture.

With premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship, they offer a comfortable fit, making them suitable for everyday wear.

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