It’s day two of my quest to acquire one of Genshin Impact’s rarest characters, Hu Tao. Here’s what happened yesterday.

The first gacha ritual I tested was pretty simple and can be done by any player who has already unlocked the town of Liyue. But since that didn’t work, today I’m going to escalate matters by taking things offline, with some real-life materials that Hu Tao will surely find hard to resist.

Day 2: The Qiqi and Zhongli bait

Genshin Impact, gacha rituals, Qiqi, Zhongli, Hu Tao
Credit: Kristine Tuting

Whenever I mention Hu Tao’s name, only two other Genshin Impact characters come to my mind — the resurrected zombie and Cryo user Qiqi and everyone’s husbando slash Mora-deprived Geo Archon Zhongli.

Zhongli, in particular, is closely related to Hu Tao because they are technically colleagues at the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, with the former as a consultant and the latter as the 77th-generation director. Meanwhile, Qiqi is just someone that Hu Tao wants to bury, with the Cryo child being undead and all.

With the help of these two important characters (printed in full color) in Hu Tao’s Liyue life, I began to wish for Hu Tao.

I figured I would touch both Qiqi and Zhongli’s photos on my left hand and my phone on my right for the gacha ritual to take full effect. Surely, Hu Tao won’t be able to resist these two, right?

The result

Three-star weapon: Emerald Orb

Genshin, Impact, gacha ritual, Emerald Orb
Screenshot by Kristine Tuting/ ONE Esports

Well, I stand corrected. These photos did not have any effect on my single Wish at Hu Tao’s banner. On the bright side, I get to keep photos of two of Liyue’s finest characters in my wallet to remind me from time to time about this very sad day.

For the next Genshin Impact gacha ritual, I will be taking things a step further: to get a Pyro character, I will be playing with fire!

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