The International (TI10) has come to an exciting and unexpected end with Team Spirit beating out fan favorites PSG.LGD 3-2 in a close grand final series.

Many of our ONE Esports Fantasy TI10 Challenge Players were not expecting Team Spirit to make it to the top four. In fact, only a handful predicted that they will be taking home the Aegis of Champions this year.

Most of our ONE Esports Fantasy TI10 Challenge Players expected teams like PSG.LGD, Evil Geniuses, and previous TI Champion OG Esports to be crowned this year. 

Now that the tournament has ended and all outcomes decided, we’ve identified the winners of our ONE Esports Fantasy TI10 Challenge who, against all odds, proved that their pro Dota 2 knowledge is impeccable. 

Black^ in our ONE Esports Fantasy TI10 Challenge
Credit: ONE Esports

These masters of predictions will be receiving Steam vouchers from us as their reward. 

ONE Esports Fantasy TI10 Challenge Winners

Grand Winner

PointsWinner IDWinner country
2600/3400Peter Philippines 

Tier 1 Winners

PointsWinner IDWinner country
2400/3400Pouriaid Netherlands 
2400/3400 Akaruifu Indonesia 
2400/3400 Nazzaret Indonesia 
2300/3400 portknox Nepal 
2300/3400 xhexijke Indonesia

Tier 2 Winners

PointsWinner IDWinner country
2300/3400 GanbaEru Indonesia 
2300/3400 palmfrond United States of America 
2300/3400 Salsa Indonesia 
2300/3400 Gordon Indonesia 
2300/3400 v1an0v Russian Federation
2300/3400 PanDaddySensei Philippines 
2300/3400 KhotoB Indonesia 
2200/3400 Conqueror Indonesia 
2200/3400 bluescreencs Philippines 
2200/3400 å§¶Resolv Indonesia 

If you missed out on our ONE Esports Fantasy TI10 Challenge, don’t worry.

ONE Esports Fantasy will be back in November with new ways to play and win, so make sure you are signed up on to ensure that you’re up-to-date with all the latest fantasy news. 

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