Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk, Team Spirit’s carry player, showed up for the match against Virtus.Pro and debuted his new look for The International 10(TI10).

Team Spirit has historically fared badly in this matchup against Virtus.Pro, who has defeated them 29 times in the last 30 matches. Team Spirit however, were able to overcome their CIS rivals this time around, winning it out 2-1 for a guaranteed top-four finish at TI10.

Yatoro shaved his head for the sake of Team Spirit

Team Spirit, WePlay AniMajor, Group Stage
Credit: WePlay! Esports

Team Spirit had two matches to play on day four of the TI10 playoffs. The first order of business was to take on the two-time defending champions OG.

Team Spirit looked fantastic in that series, thanks to an outstanding performance by Magomed “Collapse” Khalilov on Magnus in both games.

This was the first time for four members of Team Spirit to attend The International, and they proved their mettle with a decisive victory over OG as the youngest squad in the tournament.

Next up, they had to face their kryptonite, Virtus.Pro. Both teams employ a hyper-aggressive style that relies on the play-making potential of their offlaner.

After Virtus.Pro evened up the series, Team Spirit overcame them in game three. Playing the carry Tiny, Yatoro was the most farmed hero on the map and also the player who dished out the most damage.

After an impressive performance, Yatoro sat down with the Russian broadcast for an interview, where he revealed the reason for his new look.

“I shaved my head as a sacrifice to the god of Dota,” said Yatoro.

Next up, Team Spirit will face the winner of Vici Gaming and Invictus Gaming’s lower bracket match on October 16.

Catch all the matches broadcasted live on the Dota 2 The International official Twitch channel.

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