Team Empire revealed their new Dota 2 roster on Twitter.

The team has gone through a complete overhaul, and will be debuting their new squad at the Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 5.

Team Empire’s previous roster failed to qualify for The International 10 (TI10) in the CIS open qualifier after they lost 3-2 in the grand final to Team Spirit.

Team Empire experienced multiple roster changes in 2021

The CIS squad has had a turbulent Dota 2 year, with multiple player changes and mixed tournament results.

Uladzislau “Petushara” Kazlouski played offlane for the team in January. Petushara was then benched on March 15 before returning to the active roster on April 11.

Alexander “gwynbleidd” Abakumov joined the team at the same time as Petushara. Gwynbleidd became the team substitute on April 5 before officially leaving the team on July 15.

The multiple player shuffles were a contributing factor to Team Empire’s performance during tournaments. Their best result was a second-place finish at the ESL One DPC Eastern Europe Season 2: Lower Division.

The new roster includes a mixture of veteran players along with a couple of new faces to the professional scene.

Team Empire’s roster for the 2022 DPC season

  • (1) Alexander “Lightless” Potapenko
  • (2) Vitaly “Mannik” Brezgin
  • (3) Andrii “Ghostik” Kadyk
  • (4) Sergey “[T]SA” Timchenko
  • (5) Oleh “Kaori” Medvedok

Dota 2 fans can read the full announcement on Twitter.

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