Beyond the Summit has announced its latest Dota 2 tournament, the BTS Pro Series Season 7 Americas. The tournament will include some of the strongest teams in the Americas, and includes an Open Qualifier.

Beyond The Summit holds the Pro Series tournament every few months. The tournament helps teams stay sharp, get experience, and win prize money while waiting for the next Valve event, in this case, The International 10.

BTS Pro Series Season 7 Americas tournament schedule

Dota 2, BTS Pro 7 schedule
Credit: Beyond The Summit

This tournament will be conducted in three stages.

Open Qualifiers

The Open Qualifiers will be open to 128 teams in Americas region. It will run from July 31 to August 1. The top two teams will advance to the Closed Qualifier.

Closed Qualifier

Running from August 4 to 8, the Closed Qualifier will feature eight teams competing for four slots in the main event.

The main event

The main event will feature eight teams. The group stage will be held from August 9 to 17, followed by the playoffs starting on August 19, concluding on August 22.

Format of BTS Pro Series Season 7 Americas

Dota 2 team NoPing e-sports
Credit: WePlay Animajor

The Open Qualifier will be a single-elimination best-of-one until the semifinals, where matches will be best-of-threes.

The main event will start with a best-of-two round robin group stage. The top four teams will advance to the Upper Bracket, while the bottom four will start at the Lower Bracket.

All playoff matches will be best-of-threes, except the Grand Final which will be a best-of-five series.

Teams competing at BTS Pro Series Season 7 Americas and results

Dota 2 teams for BTS Pro Series 7 Americas
Credit: Beyond The Summit

The tournament is open to all Dota 2 teams in the Americas region. Four teams have been directly invited to the main event. The other eight teams will begin their journey in the Closed Qualifier.

Invited teams

Closed Qualifier teams

  • NoPing e-sports
  • simply TOOBASED
  • Arkosh Gaming
  • Infamous
  • Team Unknown
  • Open Qualifier winner – Hokari
  • Open Qualifier winner – Fúria Jovem

BTS Pro Series Season 7 Americas prize pool

BTS Pro Series Season 7 SEA, , Beyond the Summit, Dota 2
Credit: Beyond the Summit

The prize pool for the BTS Pro Series 7 will be US$50,000. The winner of the tournament will take home US$20,000.

Where to watch BTS Pro Series Season 7 Americas

Dota 2 fans can watch the official coverage for the main event on the BTS Twitch channel.

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