Valve has just rolled out an update for Dota Underlords introducing new weekly challenges.

Using the game’s The Early Bird newspaper, players will receive fresh challenges in City Crawl modes like Puzzle, Streetfight, and Objectives every week.

Anyone who has completed the missions will reap limited-time rewards such as poster titles. It is to be noted that The Early Bird weekly challenges are only available for Battle Pass holders.

Screenshot by: Kristine Tuting / ONE Esports

The newspaper also contains plenty of other stuff, such as short narratives, puzzles, comics, and even a section where you can predict the odds and outcomes of a courier race.

Bug fixes, balance changes, and unit updates were also implemented in the newest patch.

Annesix’s damage support ability Enthrall now retains it’s Brawny HP buff over enthralled Brawny units. On the other hand, Hobgen’s high damage dealing ability Friendly Fire has been balanced, dealing [210, 250, 300, 360, 430, 500] from [250, 300, 360, 430, 500, 600] while lasting for five seconds from three seconds.

The Scavenger King Enno’s poison stacks have been changed to 3 from 2, while the Icecrack Bootlegger Jull’s healing tank ability Happy Hour now has a longer cooldown of ten seconds from its original eight.

Some units have also received their three-star upgrades.

  • Chaos Knight – Chaos Knight’s allied Knights always count as adjacent to a friendly Knight.
  • Io – Revived hero from Io’s relocate will also have their cooldowns reset.
  • Razor – Razor steals [0/0/7] attack damage for up to [0/0/10] times whenever he attacks an enemy.
  • Slardar – Aside from dealing 100 physical damage to a target, Slardar’s three-star form also gains the ability to stun a unit that lasts for 1.5 seconds.
  • Warlock – Warlock prevents friendly Demon units from silencing each other when casting abilities.

For a more detailed list of gameplay changes, you can check the patch notes here.

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