Counter-Strike 2, or CS2 for short, can be difficult to learn, and ranking up can be a battle. Though fret not, this guide is here to help you through the competitive shooter journey with some great CS2 tips.

Before focusing on climbing the rank ladder, it is important to learn some basic principles that will help you become a better player. Communication, coming up with strategies, and improvisation are a few common things to look out for. 

Our big CS2 tips list will help you become a better player

How to unlock competitive in CS2 - competitive ranks
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CS2 tips Aim isn’t everything when it comes to moving up CS2 ranks

You might appreciate CS2 professionals like Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut, Nikola “NiKo” Kovač, and others on the grand stages of IEM or Blast Premier for their aim. However, that isn’t the only thing that makes them great esports athletes, as they hold immense knowledge of the game too.

In the gaming world, we term this knowledge as game sense. Game sense is something that comes eventually as you invest time and learn the curves. Every player has a different mindset, and you might come across something unaccounted for. Eventually, you’ll take it as a lesson so that you don’t repeat the mistake.

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While you play CS2 with friends or alone, do watch some highlights of players on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. You can learn something new from their experiences or try out a trick that they pulled off yourself.

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CS2 tips – Improve your communication skills

Proper communication is a quality one must possess while playing competitive games like CS2, Valorant, and so on. Information plays a big role, as it helps players prepare for upcoming moments.

Lack of information can lead to players making wrong decisions and losing at critical moments. Having good communication is important as it helps with coordination, reacting, and planning ahead.

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Try to learn common map callouts to give estimated opponent positions, or pass them as suggestions. However, do avoid false or unconfirmed callouts as they lead to confusion or panic and may work against you.

For seasoned CS2 players, callouts aren’t much of an issue as they have spent a lot of time in the shooter. Don’t be shy, ask other players to learn a spot or two if you’re unsure about what a particular spot is called.

CS2 tips – Spread your playtime across different maps

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One common mistake many amateur players make in CS2 is to leave out maps that are unknown to them. According to data from, the least number of players take matches on Anubis and Ancient.

Both Ancient and Anubis have the lowest play rates despite being balanced maps. This is because these are two of the newer maps, and many do not undertake the challenge of learning them.

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This lack of map knowledge can be put to use as opponents are less likely to know all strategies. Try to learn all the maps present in the Premier map pool as it could increase your chances of being more organized with your approach and give you a competitive edge towards moving up the CS2 ranks.

CS2 tips – Slow down, watch for mistakes

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When playing competitive matches in CS2, many make the mistake of being overconfident and rushing into fights. Even in the pro scene, players practice trigger discipline and avoid going in wildly, as a loss in player count can lead to a disadvantage.

It is important to decide when to be aggressive and when to not be in competitive matches. Also try to buy time by using utilities like Grenades, Molotovs, etc. to take map control or give time for rotations.

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Patience is the key in CS2, and is applied in multiple situations other than just gunfights. If you’re running thin on funds, ask the team to watch the economy and come up with better guns and equipment across the squad.

If the team is confident enough to risk a round by forcing it, do not resist it as sometimes it can shift the tide of a game. Though, do not push your luck further by forcing rounds back-to-back, as it only harms the team economy.

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