There are lots of stats to keep up with when it comes to Valve’s hit first-person shooter, Counter-Strike 2.

There’s headshot percentage, utility damage, and many more, including the one that has folks googling what is ADR in CS2. That’s what we’ll be going over in this article.

What is ADR in CS2? Average damage per round explained

What is ADR in CS2?
Screenshot by Steven Cropley/ONE Esports

So, what is ADR in CS2? As in all iterations of Counter-Strike, ADR is your average damage per round. This is essentially just averaging out your total damage dealt, across the total number of rounds played.

For instance, if you’ve done 100 total damage across four rounds, your ADR would be 25. The higher the ADR, the more damage you’re doing consistently.

This is, of course, able to be boosted dramatically by a few big rounds. So don’t worry if you’re a little low at first, as a good round of damage can turn it around quickly.

To improve your ADR, focus on utilizing grenades, molotovs, and getting trade kills to allow you to get as much damage in on your opponents as possible.

Sometimes, it is a bit out of your control, however, as your teammates will have done 90 damage to a guy, leaving you with only 10 damage to deal. ADR isn’t the absolute best metric to determine individual success, but looking at it in combination with other stats will help paint a fuller picture.

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