The Zaunite inventor and Firelight leader Ekko has been admired by many Arcane fans for his intellect and bravery.

The Boy Savior is one of Powder and Vi’s closest friends. He is also the leader of rebel underground group, Firelights, introduced in the series’ first season.

While it has been sometime since Arcane was released, the fandom is very much alive.

Singer, songwriter, and League of Legends fan Foxfrd took the community back in time with his Firelight Ekko cosplay at WonderCon 2022 held at the Anaheim Convention Center in California.

Foxfrd summons Arcane’s The Boy Savior in impressive Firelight Ekko cosplay

Firelight Ekko cosplay from Arcane by Foxfrd
Credit: Foxfrd, BlackExlBrand

The cosplayer donned Ekko’s Firelight attire, complete with the character’s graffiti navy green jacket, cargo pants, and orange scarf.

He also applied some white wax over his hair and painted his face with the character’s hourglass symbol.

Foxfrd actually worked really hard to hand paint all these small details on his costume, including the prints on the jacket and Ekko’s cool kicks.

Of course, this Firelight Ekko cosplay wouldn’t be complete without the leader’s iconic mask. Foxfrd commissioned a 3D-printed mask base, added some more details, and glued everything together in time for WonderCon 2022.

Firelight Ekko cosplay from Arcane by Foxfrd
Credit: Trey Harper

“Cosplaying ‘The Boy Savior’ has been insane,” he wrote on his Instagram post. “I felt a connection with Ekko since his release in League but to finally cosplay him has been a treat!”

Fans can watch the whole process and creation of this amazing Ekko cosplay on Foxfrd’s TikTok account (@foxfrdofficial). You’ll also find a few videos of the cosplayer just fanboying over Arcane episodes.

Viewers and League of Legends fans can catch Arcane Season 1 and, soon, Season 2 on Netflix.

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