Released concurrently with the Blaze Up event, Warzone: High Trip essentially takes the Resurgence game mode and adds a twist that amplifies the action.

This makes it an excellent choice for players seeking a faster-paced battle royale experience.

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This article explains what sets this game mode apart from the usual lineup of WZ game modes.

Warzone: High Trip explained

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Warzone: High Trip is a Limited-timed event concluding on April 24, 2024. It builds on the Rebirth Resurgence mode, where players parachute onto Rebirth Island, scavenge for loot, and continue to respawn as long as their squad mates remain in the game.

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The twist here is the addition of four unique gummy power-ups that drop randomly with each opened supply cache, providing players with special abilities.

As players pick these up, they will gain one of the following effects in High Trip:

  • Loot Blast: Extra loot from supply caches.
  • Green Boost: Super Speed and no fall damage.
  • Fill Up: Fast reload.
  • High Focus: Enemies in sight highlighted
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Especially with Green Boost and Fill Up power-ups, players should expect utter chaos as the match goes on with players speeding through Rebirth Island and firing at an almost constant rate.

Keep in mind, however, that power-up gummies do not stack in High Trip. Additionally, you will lose what you’ve gained if you die, and will need to collect them all over again.

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To maximize your chances of victory, focus on opening loot caches rather than depending on equipment picked up from defeated enemies.

This strategy ensures that you and your squad are fully equipped with power-ups to give you the advantage in a gunfight.

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