Season 3 of Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone introduces a number of store bundles, including the Cheech and Chong tracer pack.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new store offering, including its release date, price, items included, and whether it is worth buying.

Cheech and Chong tracer pack release date and price

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The bundle releases in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone on April 20, 2024. It is expected to be priced at 2,400 Call of Duty Points (CP).

Once the tracer pack is available, players can head to the Store section of either MW3, Warzone, or Warzone Mobile, and purchase it from the Featured Section.

All items included in Cheech and Chong tracer pack

Cheech and Chong tracer pack operators riding a vehicle in Call of Duty Warzone
Credit: Activision

The Cheech and Chong tracer pack offers two new operator skins, three weapon blueprints, a charm, a sticker and more items.

To make things easier for you, we have listed everything included in the bundle below:

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  • Operator skin: Cheech (voiced by Cheech Marin)
  • Operator skin: Chong (voiced by Tommy Chong)
  • MTZ-556 weapon blueprint: Dankest
  • HRM-9 weapon blueprint: Hashassin
  • Haymaker weapon blueprint: Mellow and Milo
  • Finishing move: Secondhand Smoke 
  • Large decal: Be Mellow
  • Large decal: Cheech & Chong
  • Weapon sticker: Smoke Buds 
  • Weapon charm: Iconic
  • Weapon charm: Cheech & Chong’s Seltzer
  • Loading screen: Blunt Buddies

Is the Cheech and Chong tracer pack worth buying in MW3 and Warzone?

Cheech and Chong are among the most iconic characters coming to the CoD franchise as operators along with weapon blueprints, themed stickers, and other items.

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At 2,400 CP, which amounts to around US$19.99, the bundle has a fair price considering you are getting a lot from the tracer pack, and granted you are a long time fan of the comedy duo as well as their masterpieces.

That said, the Cheech and Chong tracer pack is definitely worth buying if you are a fan of the pair from Vancouver.

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However, if you are someone who doesn’t know them, we recommend inspecting every item offered in the bundle once it is available before purchasing it.

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