In Modern Warfare 3, scoring quickscope kills is one of the recurring weekly challenges to unlock a specific weapon, attachment, or camo.

For example, obtaining the JAK Jawbreaker conversion kit for the KV Broadside shotgun during the second week of Season 3 tasks you with getting 30 operator quickscope kills with recommended battle rifles and 15 with recommended shotguns shortly after sprinting.

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In this comprehensive ONE Esports guide, we delve into the concept of quickscope kills in MW3 and how to get them fast so you can speed up your challenge completion.

What are quickscope kills in MW3?

What are Operator Kills in MW3
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A quickscope kill is one of the numerous types of operator kill in Modern Warfare 3, which is achieved by swiftly eliminating an opponent after aiming down sights (ADS) with your weapon.

Its core mechanic involves rapidly using ADS, firing at your target, and then aim out again after taking them down — all in a smooth, swift motion.

Credit: Activision, ONE Esports
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Traditionally, quickscoping is associated with sniper rifles as they deal high damage, ideally eliminating the target in one shot.

However, some challenges in MW3 require getting quickscope kills with other weapon classes, such as submachine guns (SMGs) and light machine guns (LMGs).

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There is no official in-game timer, but the window to achieve a quickscope kill is generally considered to be around one second after aiming down sights.

Tips on how to get quickscope kills in MW3 fast

Before jumping into a match, choose a weapon that boasts an impressive ADS speed, then optimize it by using attachments that further increase ADS speed and other handling stats.

Moreover, equip Assault Gloves, which improve ADS speed and accuracy while jumping.

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Credit: Activision, ONE Esports
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Consider entering Hardcore playlists where health is significantly reduced. This makes quickscoping with any weapon a one-shot kill, which could accelerate your progress in completing challenges.

However, keep in mind that doing this in Hardcore matches might not translate well to regular modes.

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Familiarize yourself with maps that have good sightlines and common enemy positions, allowing you to pre-aim at these spots and quickscope easier when you encounter enemies.

Lastly, quickscoping requires good muscle memory and timing. You can practice in private lobbies or against bots to get comfortable with the swift aiming and firing sequence.

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