As Season 3 gains momentum, it’s prime time to unveil the latest and best RAM 7 build in Modern Warfare 3.

The RAM-7 in MW3 is a beast. Even after the nerfs in the recent patches, the assault rifle stands strong in the current meta.

The weapon only needs some fine-tuning with attachments to unlock its full potential. Here is the best RAM 7 build in MW3 Season 3.

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Best RAM 7 build in MW3 — meta loadout

MW3 RAM 7 in action
Credit: IsaacAndersn YouTube Channel

The RAM 7 build we have compiled here will help you take on long-range engagements with ease. It also focuses on making players extremely mobile around the map.

  • Barrel: Cronen Headwind Long Barrel
  • Stock: HVS 3.4 Stock
  • Magazine: 60 Round Mag
  • Underbarrel: Bruen Heavy Support Grip
  • Muzzle: Zehmn Compensated Flash Hider

The Cronen Headwind Long Barrel aids in bullet velocity and range. It also helps in aiming idle sway and firing aim stability.

The HVS 3.4 Stock helps in reducing both horizontal and vertical recoil, making the RAM 7 easier to use, even at long distances.

The 60–round magazine helps us by reducing the number of reloads and making it easier to take down multiple enemies.

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Credit: Activision/ONE Esports
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For underbarrel, the Bruen Heavy Support Grip makes a ton of difference. It provides multiple advantages, including gun kick control, aiming idle sway, reduction in horizontal recoil, and firing aim stability. \

The muzzle of choice will shorten radar pings, further reduce vertical and horizontal recoil, and provide firing aim stability.

Note: While this RAM 7 loadout proves effective for the majority of MW3 players, certain individuals may discover alternative attachment configurations better suited to their preferences.

We suggest experimenting with our suggested loadout and adjusting specific attachments to align with your unique playstyle, if necessary.

That concludes our guide for the best RAM 7 build in MW3 Season 3.

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