The Blaze Up event in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 offers players an excellent opportunity to earn themselves a variety of skins and in-game items.

These rewards include Battle Pass Tier skips, a Killstreak skin for the Wheelson, emblems, and more.

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In this guide, we will cover all the details about the Blaze Up event challenges and their associated rewards.

How to complete Blaze Up Challenges in Modern Warfare 3 event

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The Blaze Up event challenges can be undertaken in all three game modes: Multiplayer, Modern Warfare Zombies, and Warzone.

One of the key benefits of this setup is that you only need to complete a single challenge in any game mode to claim each reward.

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For instance, if you’re struggling with the Double XP Token consumable challenge in Multiplayer, you have the option to switch to Modern Warfare Zombies or Warzone to secure the reward instead.

After completing all 11 Blaze Up challenges, you will earn the exclusive Daymares weapon skin for the WSP Swarm.

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What are the Blaze Up rewards in Modern Warfare 3 event?

Below, you can find a table containing the details for each challenge in their associated modes along with the Blaze Up rewards:

Double XP Token consumableGet 25 clean kills with any akimbo weaponKill 50 Hellhounds with shotgunsOpen 20 loot caches in a single Resurgence match on Rebirth Island
Hot Out of the Oven stickerGet 10 quickscope kills with Stalker Boots equippedGet 80 critical kills with snipers, marksman rifles, or battle riflesActivate the boat horn near the factory on Rebirth Island
Weedson Killstreak skinGet 20 direct impact launcher killsGet 50 Brain Rot zombie killsCollect 50 gummies in High Trip Resurgence
High As Duck charmWhile you have Tac Mask equipped, hit 20 operators with Tear GasComplete 4 ContractsComplete 5 Spy Drone Contracts
Seeing Sound stickerUse Stim or Battle Rage 15 timesDestroy 4 vehiclesDuring infil or redeployment, land in the gondola using the parachute on Rebirth Island
Utterly Inspiring emblemKill 4 enemies within 20 seconds without dying 2 timesGet 400 kills with a wall buy weaponIn High Trip Resurgence, kill 8 players while affected by a power-up gummy
Bro, You’re Out of This World calling cardWhile using the Demolition Vest, stick 10 operators with Semtex or ThermiteDestroy 3 Harvester OrbsIn High Trip Resurgence, have all four power-up gummies active at once
Double Weapon XP Token consumableGet 20 kills while in Smoke while the JAK Purifier attachment is equippedWith Speed Cola active, get 200 kills shortly after reloadingUse squad rage on all of your squadmates at least once
Every Second an Hour large decalWhile using the Engineer Vest, use the Inflatable Decoy Field Upgrade 15 timesGet 30 mercenary critical killsIn Resurgence, buy 4 players back into the match using a Buy Station
Tier Skip battle pass consumableKill 25 enemies with a cooked Frag Grenade or Thermobaric GrenadeGet 250 kills while affected by Stamin-UpReduce the Resurgence timer for a total of 100 seconds
Double Battle Pass XP Token consumableWhile sliding or crouching, get 40 kills with any shotgun using the Dragon’s Breath attachmentKill 3 AbominationsIn a single match, trade 2 cards from Biometric Scanners at a Buy Station
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