A legion of naked titans has parachuted into Caldera, thanks to the Attack on Titan Armored Titan skin, part of Call of Duty’s collaboration with the fan-favorite anime.

But the Armored Titan has no need for military fatigues or any other type of protective gear, which means that he’s going into battle in his birthday suit.

As it turns out, encountering the Armored Titan on Caldera is pretty similar to running into a naked man, much to the chagrin of some players. And the fact that there are so many of them makes for an even more bizarre sight, especially when they’re running, sliding, and toting a light machine gun.

Players are streaking across Caldera in the Attack on Titan Armored Titan skin

Armored Titan bundle in Call of Duty Warzone
Credit: Activision

“My lobbies are filled with naked men,” lamented one Redditor who goes by the username DefunctHunk_COD. Others quickly chimed in, calling the skin “ridiculous”.

One of the main gripes of the community seems to be the fact that the Armored Titan doesn’t really fit into the aesthetic of Call of Duty.

In a screenshot posted by the same Reddit user, the Armored Titan looks like a very muscley naked man, complete with strangely well-defined butt cheeks and tree trunk thighs.

Love it or hate it, there’s just something glorious about a naked, chiseled Operator sprinting around in Caldera. For all the complaints that the Armored Titan is “unrealistic”, let’s not pretend that Call of Duty was ever meant to be a true-to-life military simulator.

And if you’re one of those players terrorizing others with your immaculate nakedness, good on you.

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